animal jam love story: wolf sounds

Hello! This is the first edition to the series. This will show you which one will be your type of love life if you do every edition. I hope you enjoy!

Welcome! This is the wolves version and the first edition to the series. I made this for all of yall and I hope you enjoy! This is also very accurate so answer honestly!

Created by: Jeanie Jean

  1. Hello! Are you ready?
  2. As a young child, you turned into a vampire only as a baby wolf. You were afraid you would hurt your mother so you ran off and became a lonely wolf. What do you say to your mother before you could never see each other ever again.
  3. After many years alone, you grow up. You and your friend are always bored so you decide to go to a animal jam party. You both agree and get ready for the awesome party. Which one do you go to together? (you are both wolves)
  4. You are about to set out before you decide to call your friend tom decide who's picking up who. You dial the number and wait for him/her to pick up. "Hello?" that friend answers. "What are the plans, bud?" you answer. "Oh! I'm sorry, I can't go. I'm very sick. I don't want to ruin your fun so can you take another friend?" You are shocked and say no. " Oh. You'll just have to go alone I guess." You say bye and hang up. What do you do?
  5. You decide to go, anyway. When you are on your way, someone calls you. Its the hospital. They say your friend is dead. You are very sad. You still go to the party. What do you do on the way to the party? She/ he was the only one who made you not lonely!
  6. You make it to the party. Its the Wolves Only party. You go outside and cry at the light of the moon. "I'm the only one in this now" you say to your self. Someone appears behind your back. "Are you okay" he/she asks. From that day forward you guys your the closet friends ever! What does she/he look like?
  7. You fall in love with him/her after a year or two. You do not have the guts to ask him/her out. You don't know this but he/she also has fallen in love with you too. Finally, after a week, you finally have the guts to. You ask "do you want to go out somewhere as a group of friends?" He/she laughs but says yes. Victory! Where do you go?
  8. You go to the movies where nobody goes to anymore but is still in business. You don't know what to where though. What do you choose to where?
  9. You are out! Its takes a long time to get there. What do you do on the way?
  10. What genre of movie do you guys pick?
  11. You are watching the movie and he/she is leaning toward you. He/she is going to kiss you! What do you do?
  12. Your done! Did you like it? This won't effect your score!
  13. Will you rate or comment
  14. bye!

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