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Don't take this quiz if you just want something to be skeptical about. I don't appreciate haters. By the way--- this is in no relation to the Twighlight Saga...

I will name your wolf, describe your wolf, and tell you your wolf's story. I made this in the middle of the night so I won't be disappointed if it sucks and I hope you won't be disappointed if it sucks. Thanks! :-P

Created by: pepper

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  1. What would you do #1 A small pup approaches you looking.thin and hungry. It is caked with dried mud and filth. You have game hanging from your mouth that you were about to bring to your pack.
  2. What would you do #2 Your alphas are planning a thorough attack on a nearby pack who you have yet to meet and has not interacted with anyone in your pack.
  3. Pick a color... it doesn't have to be your favorite...
  4. Which describes you best?
  5. What do you do #3 You overhear during a hunt that a nearby pack is planning an attack on yours.
  6. Are you half human, half wolf?
  7. Which pack sounds best to you?
  8. Did you like my quiz?
  9. I just need to blow two more questions...
  10. Want the results now?

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