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Ok. So, this is the fifth part of my story "And the Wolf Grew Wings". I really try so be nice in comments and give me advice... I'm new at the whole story thing.

And please try my other quizes! My old one "Which Color Binds Your Soul" was pretty popular. Hundreds took it and most say it's really accurate and I haven't gotten a bad comment on it yet!!!XD so plz try it...

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. . Ray was horrified. "____!...____!" He yelled as the dragon flew into the clowds. 'It wust've been the suits' He thought. He turned to the men. "What are you doing here?" One of them stepped farward. "An alarm went off at central. One of the cages in room 3 were opened. We came to investigate." "I opened it! The dragon was cleared of charges and comepletely harmless!." He took a deep breath. "Do you put trackers on the locked up dragons?" "Of course."
  2. After a couple minutes, I worked up the courage to look up. And what I saw was amazing. I could see forests, a huge river, a volcanoe, farmland, small villages, and even the tip of an ocean! I held tight to the black dragon's horns, fearing if I loosened my grip, the wind would tear me away from him. It was magical. After about an hour, the dragon landed on a volcanoe. Let me rephrase that. IN a volcanoe! Though it was pretty warm inside, it wasn't smoldering. Once we landed, the dragon carefully helped me off. He then layed his head down in exaustion. I'm no expert, but flying for over an hour MUST be hard. He wimpered a little so I walked over to him and pet his mussel. In reply, he stuck out his toung, which was the size of a small room, and gave me a good lick. I laughed, thinking despite his size, he was the cutest thing ever. "Well, now. I'll have to come up with a name. I can't just keep calling you dragon, now can I?" He huffed. "Hmmm..."I thought. "How about...Syth's too common...I got it! How about Depth?" Depth jumped in the air in joy, this time not hitting his head. After all, volcanoes didn't have ceilings, now did they? "I guess that means you like it, hu?" He roared, but it almost sounded like a horse's call. Only louder. After a while of talking to him and he making sounds every now and then, I fell asleep on his soft strip of back furr, warmed by the head eminating from the the stones surrounding us. I woke to soft growling. I quickly took in the scene. Depth was snareling at a group of men in blue suits. The same ones he ran from in the first place. They were pointing guns at him. I started waving me arms and yelling, trying to get their attention. One of them noticed me and informed the others. One of the men stepped farward, though not much. "Don't worry, miss! We'll capture this dragon and return you to safety!" He called. "No! This dragon is no threat to anyone who is not a threat to him. I am in no danger. I'm with this dragon of my own free will." "Come down and speak with us, then." I kindly asked Dapth to let me down. He did as I asked, taking me dow sitting in his palm. The men stared in amazement.
  3. Once down, I waklked over to the man who had stepped farward. "What's the problem?" "Uhhh... Oh! You see, this dragon left the holdings without permission, and therefor must be punished." His eyes kept switching from me to Depth. It was obvious he was terrified of the dragon and intimidated by someone who could controle one so big. I laughed inwardly. "He had good purpose to leave, good sir. Your men are wearing cloths much similar to those of men who cruely abused this dragon. He got scared and ran. It's basic fight or flight instinct. This time he chose flight. Literally." That earned me some laughs from some of the men. He was about to argue, when Ray flew in on a dragon about 1/20 the size of Depth. Behind him, riding on a similar dragon was Yuuri. "____!" Ray yelled, running twards me. Yuuri, on the other hand, stood frozen in aw. As did their dragons. "Wow." He said simply. I never thought I'd hear Yuuri use such an informal term. He slowly walked up to me, his eyes never leaving Depth. As they came twards me, Depth put his head low and let out an enormous, menacing roar. The kings stopped, greatly intimidated by the dragon. I walked up to his head and patted him hightly, saying "It's ok. Nobody's going to hurt you," He gave me a look. I sighed "or me." That seemed to convince him. He sat on his but and relaxed. I walked over to the kings and the both gave me a bear hug at the same time, which was twice as painful...and cute. "Ok! Ok! I can't breath, guys!" Yuuri imidiately let go mumbleing sorry, blushing to his ears. Ray just let go, a smile and small blush on his face. "Are you ok?" He asked politely. "Ya! Are you ok? That BRUTE dragon didn't hurt you, did he?" Ray said with a grin. "Of course nt. You were a gentalman, weren't you, Depth?" He grunted in reply and laid down. "Depth?" "Ya, that's what I named him. I got tired of calling him 'dragon'." "Oh, I see. Hey ____." "Hm?" "How would you like ... Depth, to be your own personal dragon? Of course, the both of you will have to go through thurough training." I looked up at Depth, "So, big guy, what do you say?" Instead of making his usual sounds, he rolled over on his back and licked me, still upside down. I laughed. "Well, I think he answered for both of us."
  4. To gain responsability of Depth, I had to fill out like a bajillion papers. Ray looked loke he just realized something "Oh! I forgot. We need to find out your Name!" "But I know my name." "No. Not your name. Your Name!" I tipped my head in confusion. "Ok, let's see. Everyone has a name, but they also have, like...a codename. Mine is Blazefront. Yuuri's is Titlecrash. That reminds me. Yuuri, shouldn't you be back in your own country?" "Well, I like it here." "Only because you don't have to work" "So?" I giggled. Who knew the oh-so-professinal Yuuri was a lazy bones. Ray seemed to snap back to our conversation "Anyway, we need to go to the king of the country of The Stone. He can tell us what your Name is." "Well, ok." Soon after, me, Yuuri, and Ray went to the country of The Stone. The same warrior took us. Once there, the kings led me to the castle. Once inside, a buler-looking guy came up to us and asked why we were there. "We're here to request to see the king" Yuuri said professinaly. "I'm sorry, sir. But our king is not in at the momant. If you like, you can wait for him here. He should be returning shortly." We decided to wait. "____." Yuuri said. "You can explore the gardens if you like. I'm sure the king won't mind. He's pretty laid back." "Well, ok."
  5. A maid led me to the garden and left. For a while, I just walked around a bit. Then I noticed a patch of flowers that I'd never seen before. They looked a little like snapdragons, that's about the only way to describe them. There were all sorts of colors and they surrounded a large fountain. There was a little cobbel stone path leading to the fountain. I sat down on the edge and looked into the water. 'This place is so relaxing...' I thought, and before I knew it, I was dozing off... After some time, I was woken up by someone shaking me. "Hu? Ohhh..." I looked up and saw an absolutely GORGEOUS guy standing before me. He had silver-blond hair and golden eyes. "Uh, miss. You'll catch cold sleeping out here. What's your name?" "Uh...Oh! ____. ____ ____. And you are?" "Dane. But I meant your Name, not name." He laughed. "Oh, right. Sorry, but that's why I came here. But the king's not in yet, so..." "Oh, I see." We sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the peace and quiet.
  6. Then a sudden gust of wind surprised us. Ok, correction. Sudden TORNADOE. I heard a loud boom and all the wind stopped. I turned around and gasped. Depth was sitting in a near feild looking around like a lost puppy. Though to most, it would seem scarey, I thought he was down right adorable! I ran over to him, hugging his ankel, for that was as high as I could reach. I turned to look at Dane and his mouth was hanging wide open, his eyes wide. "Sooo... This is YOUR dragon?" He asked nervously. "Mhm" I nodded yes. "I just got him. Sorry about him coming. He hasn't had any training yet and-" "What?! No training?! But he's acting like a fully trained elete dragon." I gave him a confused look and asked, "What do you mean? Not all dragons act like this? I only got Depth her," I putted him "yesterday." "What?!" "Surprising isn't it?" Suddenly Ray walked up behind Dane. "And to top all that off, he was a Room 3 dragon when she met him." Dane now looked at me with both amazement and impressed. "So... Are they, like, bonded?" "Nope. Nothing. It's sorta like love at first sight...Sorta" "Besides, Dane, where've you been?!" "I've just been relxing out here in the garden with miss ____." Ray looked at me with confusion. "Wait. So if you knew the king was back, why didn't you come tell us, ___?" "Wait. Waht? King?!" Dane put his hand on my head "Hia. I'm King Dane Randebas. Nice to meet ya, ____." I was NOT expecting that one. Dane just didn't seem like king material. "So, Dane. We need to find out ____'s name". Dane suddenly grinned devilishly...
  7. and...
  8. YES!!! It is a ... (All musical) CLIFFHANGER!!!!
  9. Who do you like?!?! OMG ANSWER!!!
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