And the Wolf Grew Wings...pt10

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k Part 10. Fangirls will faint at the end. ^^

Created by: Reanna15146
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  1. I woke up to amber eyes...
  2. "Xi-Xiavior?" He backed up a little. "Are you ok, ____? I heard you weren't feeling well." I sat up groggily. "I, uh..I'm feeling better now." I patted the prince's head. He was in human form. I turned to see that Depth wasn't there anymore. "Con I sleep with you? My room is dark and kinda scarey." I smiled gentaly. "Sure. I'll be happy to have company." I lifted to covers for him. He yonhed and crawled under, snuggling against my stomach. Morning came quickly and I heard a knock on the door. I put down the book I'd been reading. "Come in." Ray stepped in. He sighed in relief when he saw his sleeping son. "I guess whenever he's missing, I can call you. We came to get you yesterday, but you were already asleep." "Oh. Sorry. I just-" "No big deal. So how are you feeling?" I stood up and streched, testing my body. "Good as new." I proclaimed. "Then would you like to come down for breakfast?" I nodded, feeling starved. I stopped on the way out. "Want me to wake him up?" "If you would." Ray continued walking down the hall. "Xiavior. Xiavior! Get up or no dinner!" He jumped up and I laughed. "Time for breakfast." He climbed off the bed and took my hand, leading me to the dinning area
  3. After the meal, I decided to go for a walk. I walked to the kitchen and politely asked if they'd make a lunch for me. The cook was really nice and finnished in 5 minutes. He's put 3 sandwiches-all different kinds-, an apple, leftover chicken, some chipps, and a water bottle in a brown leather bag. I don't know how it all fit! I headed into the forest and smiled at the cool breeze. "Nothing like a nice breeze during a nice walk. It's perfect." I said aloud. Then stopped dead in my tracks at a deep growl, my ears on pins and needles. We sat there like that for a while, just listening. I spun around when I heard something leap. It landed on me, pinning my head and body to the forest floor. It growled again and got off. I looked up to see a gold dragon with red and silver tips and lining. It was only about 6 feet tall and had a crimson juel on its forhead. It just stared at me warrily. Then an idea struck me. I held out a sandwitch. He looked at me suspicously and backed away. "No. Look" I took a bite and swallowed. "See? It's good." I held it out once again, gestering for him to take it. He approched slowly. When he reached me, he snached the sandwitch and took off, stopping about 10 yards away. I laughed at how puppy-like he was. "Want the others?" I held out the two other sandwitches. He took them and this time, sat beside me. "You like chicken?" I gave him the leftover chicken and he laid beside me, chewing on the bones. "You really are just like a puppy." I glanced at his wings. They were obviously too small for flying. That added with his behavior struck me. "You're just a baby, aren't you? Poor thing." He snuggled up to me and I wrapped an arm around his long neck. I sat chewing on the chips because he didn't want them. BBQ was too much, I guess. "I've got to go, now. Be good and don't go attacking people like that. Someone else might have hurt you out of fear." With that, I walked off. Reaching the edge of the forest, I bumped into Depth, in human form. "Oh. Hi Depth." He started sniffing me all over. "Uhhh..." "You smell like another dragon." He said irritatedly. "Well, ya. I ran into a young one in the forest." "A young one?" He looked extreamly surprised. "Young dragons are always by their parent's side, right up to adulthood. There weren't any others around?" I shook my head. "Well then, do you think you could find him again?" "Shouldn't be too hard." I answered. We went back in the forest, and in a matter of minutes, the small dragon was right beside me, wagging his tail. I noticed the juel in his forhead was shining a bit now. "It really is a child." Depth said as I pet the child's head. "That's what I've been telling you." As the young dragon snuggled against my stomach, Depth began to growl.
  4. ***DEPTH'S POV*** "Depth. What's wrong?" I continued growling. "GET AWAY FROM HER!!!!" I shouted. The young dragon's tail went between his legs. "Depth. Stop! He's just a kid. And you're scaring the crap out of him!" I ran and picked ____ up, throwing the other dragon down in the process. Then I ran off through the trees, ____ held tight in my arms. We reached a particularly large tree soon and I climbed it with ease. I sat on a high branch, putting ____ on my lap. "Oh, ____. Why-why did I do that? I just...I don't know. Whenever another male is near her, I get so jealous...What's happening to me?" I thought out loud. "You smell like that big dragon." I whipped around to see Prince Xiavior. "Yes. I am that dragon so I smell the same." "Why did you hurt that little dragon?" My gaze fell to the ground. "I-I don't know. But why are you here?" I asked sternly. The child just smirked and trotted up the tree to us, landing on ____'s stomach. "I was looking for ____. She's been gone since breakfast and everyone's worried. So I came looking." He rubbed up against her and I unwillingly growled at the pup. He just looked down wisely. "You're really jealous, aren't you?" I was shocked. It cirtainly wasn't what I expected of him. "I know what that's like. It's how Daddy acted with Mommy. That's how you're acting. But that baby didn't have a mommy and was scared. ____ was nice to him, so he liked her. He was just a baby. And I'm ____'s friend. Other people are allowed to be her friend too, you know." I looked to the ground once again, in shame. "What are you, my shrink? I know it's selfish, but I can't help it." By now, Xiavior had dissapeared. "So shut up...Stupid kid." 'But...Why do I act this way? I guess it really is true. I've fallen in love with my partner.'
  5. ***MY POV*** I sighed, blinking away my sleepiness. "Wha..." The last thing I remembered was Depth pushing the baby dragon away and running off with me. Sitting up, I saw I was in my room. Then something beside me moved. I turned to see Xiavior curled up next to me. I smiled, and, as if sensing this small action, he woke. "____?" "Hey. What happened to Depth?" The small pup grinned. "I just gave him some stuff to think about. You adults really underestimate me." With another smirk, he fell back asleep. I covered him up and got dressed in the bathroom. I made sure to check on him before heading out. Figuring the scene would have scared the young dragon half to death, I got another lunch (Getting proud smiles from the cooks) and strode to the forest. I soon found him, huddled under a bush. "I'm here, little buddy. You ok?" He saw me and looked around warrily. "Depth's not here. Now come out. I've got more food for you, if you want it." He climbed out and rubbed up against me. Smiling, I gave him a whole ham, glad the chef was so generous. When he was done, he licked his lips. "So. Where are your parents? Shouldn't you be with them?" He looked to the ground sadly and looked off th the distance. "Can you show me? Mabey I can help." I gave him a reassuring smile and he started off in the oposite direction from where I came from. We soon reached the edge of the forest and what I saw made me want to cry. All the greenery was cut away, replaced by large men and hundreds of dragons in cages. They ranged from 4 stories high to only about half a foot. "This is terrible. I-I have to tell Yuuri. Can you take me back to where I came from? I know someone who can help." He nodded and motioned to his back. I climbed on slowly. The only dragon I'd ever ridden was Depth. Then I remembered this dragon couldn't fly yet. Once I was on, he took off in a speedy bolt. The forest around me was blurred as it passed by. We came to a sudden stop right outside the forest. "Thank you. I'll do everything I can to stop this." I ran off to the castle, hoping Yuuri would assist me. "Of course. This is an outrage! Illegal dragon capturing and hoarding in my country?! UNEXCEPTABLE!!!" Yuuri roared. I'd told him about everything and he'd reacted like this. He ran off to go do something. He soon returned. "____. Can you come with us? Strangely enough, we can't seem to find it." "I didn't think t was hidden. But ok. I'll have to find the dragon in the forest." The second I set foot beneath the trees, he was in front of me, kneeling down. "Thank you. Take me to the place where they're being kept." He set off in a quick sprint.
  6. We reached the place in a matter of minutes. I couldn't understand why they had't found it before. "Why'd we stop?" Yuuri asked. "What do you mean? It's right there." I pointed at the place. Yuuri gave me a comfused look. "____. There's nothing there." "What?! I can see it! Aw hell with it." I jumped on the dragon once again. "Take me down there. They can't see it and we need to prove it's there." He took off at my command. I whistled. "DEPTH!" He was there in a matter of seconds and scwled at the young dragon. "Don't even. Now I need you to put me on top of one of those cages. Don't ask why. I'll explain latter." He nodded and tapped my stone. Turning into his normal form, I jumped onto his back. "Let's go." The young dragon had stopped and headed back, afraid of the men. Depth did as I asked, dropping me on the cage of a large dragon. Yuuri and the others stared in amazement because they probobly though I was floating in mid air. Then Yuuri yelled. "Get a mirrage remover up here!" A man came up and did some funky dance thing. Then everyone gaped at the place. "So they can see it now? Good. Depth." He flew by and I jumped back on. He took me back to Yuuri. All the soldiers had gone to restrain the men, but some were getting away. I grinned at Depth and he knew exactly what I was thinking. He put me behind his head and we took off, rounding the men up like sheep. When they were all taken care of, I colapsed to the grass. It had taken about 5 hours. "Glad that's over. For more reasons than one." I said, rubbing my butt. "Sitting on scales for 5 hours sure is hard on the poor thing." I heard a laugh and saw Depth beside me. He's turned back to human form, which probably contributed to my exahstion. "Shut up Scaley." He smirked and seemed to remember something. "Hey ____. Do you think you could take another transformation?" "I hate you." I said, but held out the stone. Instead of touching it, he held out the baby dragon's paw. There was a gold light, then in Depth's arms sat a little boy, mabey 2 years old. "Wow. I knew he was young, but wow." "You know...Not just anyone can do that." "Really?" "Really. The dragon has to be bonded. But I though he's too young. And I thought you only met him yesterday." I nodded. "Ya. So this is weird?" "Ya. And I don't like it."
  7. "What's the big deal?" He looked at me astonished. "I mean, so something's a little different. So what? It wasn't normal that I knew I could trust you so fast. It wasn't normal when I got a gem out of a dream. Just me being here isn't normal!" "What do you mean?" I sighed. "Ya. I never told you, did I?" Depth tilted his head in confusion. "You see..." I told him the whole story of the incident, my life before coming here, and what happened when I did. "So...You're from another world entirly." "Yup. I'm an alien!" "Haven't you ever wanted to go home?" I gave a small smile. "Yes. At first, anyways. But now...This is my home. Even if I was given the chance, I wouldn't go back. I mean, what do I have there? An empty apartment and a life of job-jumping. But here, I have friends, adventure...opertunity. In my world, my life was cealed. But this world, to me at least, is so...EXOTIC! There's no polution, no crowded streets, no taxes, no war, no endangered animals, no...I don't even know what. It's just so much better. Back there, your life rarely isn't pretty much planned out from birth. There aren't any dragons, kings, magic stones, transformations, or a lot of other stuff. Here, I have meaning, purpose. To me, this place is paradise." I soghed happily and laid back on the grass. "____. I think you're mistaken. There are many wars here as well." "But everyone's not living in fear of getting bombed or raided. Back there, whole cities and states are whipped out under one attack. No survivors. All dead." I said grimly, hugging my knees to my chest. Depth put a comforting hand on my shoulder. I smiled sadly. "But here...Everything's different. EveryONE's different. People are happy. The world is clean." I looked to the ground. "And people that are different aren't...dealt with." I barely whispered the last part. "Dealt with?" I stayed silent. I felt tears run down my cheeks, remembering how pathetic and sad my world was. Depth wrapped his arms around me. "Tell me, ____." He said quietly. "Do you like me better in this form?" I didn't hesitate. "No. I like you better in your real form." "Why?" "Because it'" I listened for a response. And finnaly, I got it. "Do you even know who I am?" I smiled widely. "You're Depth, my partner and best friend." "That's not all." "That's all that matters. I don't really care about anything else. Nothing's going to change the way I look at you. Even when I found out you could change into this form, I was only surprised. You're still the same old Depth to me." I gave him a huge smile along with a teeny blush. "I've got to admit. I look at you different now that I've found out your story." My face whipped towards him. "Really?" I asked worridly. "Ya. You're WAY cooler now!" He exclamed and tackled me, sending us both tumbling down the hill. We landed with him on top of me, my back to the ground. I smirked. "That wasn't very nice. I smiled shyly. "Then this you're gonna hate." And he pressed his lips to mine.
  8. Cliffhanger!!! How will I make you react? Stay tuned to find out!!!
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