And the Wolf Grew Wings

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I wanted to make a story, so here it is. Sorry It's so short, but I hope you like it.

Created by: Reanna15146
  1. "____!!!" I woke to my mother screaming at me to wake up. "OK!!! Just give me a sec...And get out!!!" I quickly got dressed, fearing my dad would be next. I ran down the stairs, my stomach growling louder by the minute. I practicaly jumped into my seat at the table. "Mama, gimme da FOOD!!!" "Anything for the birthday girl" Today was my fourteenth birthday. So my mother made you pankakes with the butter shaped like a little crown. Once I was done eating, I got an enormous glass of chocolate milk."Well, bottoms up!" I chugged it, my mom parents witching wide-eyed and open-mouthed. "Oh, hi Dad. When'd you come in?" "Uuuhhhh..." I just made shure everything I needed was in my bag. Glanceing up, I noticed that my mom was looking at my worriedly. "What's up, Mom?" "Oh, nothing. I'm just a little nervous about that new job you started. The one at the aquarium." She seemed flustered, but I corrected her anyway, though a bit suspicous. "The ZOO, Mom. The zoo. There isn't an aquarium within twenty miles of here." She still seemed calm. A little too calm to be her. "Oh, my. I guess you're right ____ dear." ____ Dear? Now THAT was weird. I was about to comment on it, when I noticed the time. I didn't have time to be conserned. I was late for my first day of work!
  2. When I got to the entrance to the zoo, I stood completely still, just staring up at the sign. "Conaru Zoo" As I spoke the name, a strange feeling crept over me. 'Am I feeling homesick?' I thought. Shaking my head, I speed-walked to the main building. "Oh! ___! There you are. I've been looking all over for you, girl." "Oh, hi Mrs.Hellins. Sorry I'm late." Mrs.Hellins was the one who employed me. "No worries, child. Let's go introduce you to your trainer. I think you'll like him. And just so you know, he has a girlfriend." What? Before I could ask what she meant, she was dragging me by the arm in the direction of the bird cage. FAST FARWARD: We were there and after locking the gate behind us, Mrs.Hellins yelled out "Kyle. KYLE!!! Get down here, boy. I've got your new apprentis!!!"
  3. I heard a rustle in the bushes and down he came, landing on his feet, arms outstreached. And oh my lordy, did I wanna FLY WITH HIM!!! His rosey brown hair fell as perfectly as he did. Lifting his head, his sparkeling brownish black eyes shined as he gave me a perily smile. I swear his beauity blinded me for a second. Now I know why Mrs.Hellins warrned me he had a girlfriend. He was drop-dead gorgeous. I could totally fall for this guy. "Hi. I'm Kyle" He said, interupting my thoughts. "And you are?" "Oh! ____. ____ ____" Wow. Could this guy make me nervous. "Well, ____. Let's get started, since we're already in the bird house." Mrs.Hellins put on her jolly smile, which compleatly contradicts her name. And though she isn't particularly large, jolly just seemed to fit her. " Kyle will be teatching you how to tend to all the animals and their enclosures. You'll also have to know how to work at the booths, give tours and directions, and controle a crowd in an emergency. After you've learned everything, you'll be on your own. But everyone will be there to help if you don't know something. Well, Kyle, I'll leave her in your capable hands." And with that, she left, making sure to lock the gates behind her. I took a deep breath. "Well, what's first?".
  4. Kyle tought me how to feed, handle, and sadate the birds. It wasn't much "But it's your first day," He had said. "Don't want to overwealm you". At that point, it was lunch break. I'd bought a salad and sandwitch at one of the stands. "Keep that up, and you'll be Mrs.Hellin's new favorite!" He exclamed, laphing his tail off. Now that I'd spent some time with him, Kyle's ultra- gorgeousness didn't , like, blind me. "Sarah's got some competition." "Sarah?" He looked surprised "Ya. Sarah's the vice-manager." I took this all in "So... She works under Mrs.Hellins?" "Ya. But she's a whole lot meaner. Once, a girl spilled a drink on the ground. You know what she did? She lowered her pay to 30%" Wow! Was this a bully or what? After lunch, I helped Kyle treat a couple birds for injuries from a fight. Then we checked out. He turned to me "Tomarow, how about we work with the pandas? WARNING!!! Their cuteness my result in heart attacks, fainting, and incappability to frown for over a week" We both laphed. "That sounds nice." "Ok. Laties and gentalmen, presenting ___ ___. The girl that likes heart attacks and fainting!" That made me laph yet again. Afterwards, I walked home. Once home, I flopped in bed, not even eating dinner. It was only 8:00. 'But I'm so tired' I thought. 'Mabey just a quick nap?' I fell asleep and woke up at 8:26. 'But I feel like I got a full night's rest'. Then I noticed. It was 8:26, alright. A.M!!! I rush to pick out my cloths for the first day of 8th grade. I chose:
  5. Getting to school just a few minutes before the bell, I searched franticly for my first class. Geometry. I finally found it on the second floor, room number 325. As I walked in, I imediately spotted the only empty chair in the room. I sat down and took in my suroundings: In the desk to my right, there was a small girl with beach-blond hair that came down to her shoulders. Her eyes were green-hazel and she seemed to be about a foot shorter than me. Looking very calm, she had her hands folded neatly on her desk. She looked smart to me, though I had to admit she was cute. I moved on to the boy next to her. He was asleep. He had dirty blond hair with light brown streaks in it. They looked natural. He had a bit of acney, but not alot. On his face were a pair if dark blue glasses. I thought he was kinda cute. In front of me were two girls. On the right, a brunett wearing a revealing dress and short boots sat. Her eyes were a light brown. And she seemed to be the kind of prep boys fawned over. I made a guess and assumed she was popular. Noticing me staring, she gave me a glare. Moving on, I looked at the girl on the left. She was the perfect height and had Goldy-locks-type hair that fell to her waist. She was wearing skinny jeans and a strapless blue top that matched her baby blue eyes. I knew right away that she was top-dog in the girl part of the school. The two were gossiping about someone not worth mentioning. The seat beside me was empty, so I had the table to myself. After school, I went home and took a nap. Then it was off to work. Approching the gate, I stopped. I saw Kyle at the gate, leaning on the side. He had a look of dread or sorrow on his face. When I got within 4 feet of the gate, It happened...
  7. Sorry it's so short. I just HAD to put it out!!!
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