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  • Just out of curiosity...
    "used to be an athiest"
  • "Savanah Ringstone- Dirty blond hair, emerald eyes. Average height and weight. Seems calm and collected, but is torn up about her past. Once ..."
  • Q & A
    "1) I was happiest when I up-ranked in karate for the first time. 2) My greatest fear is being put to sleep, even for surgery. "
  • "I don't think I fear death. I prefir to allow what will happen to happen. I don't WANT to die, but I'm not really afraid, I don't think..."
  • help
    "You should look to the future. Who will be better with you then?"
  • Obama or Romney?
    "Romney's the best choice. I really get into polotics, and though Romney isn't what I'd call a reasonable choice for president, you can't get..."
  • "...bye*zooms away*"
  • Tell me some anime shows
    "black butler, naruto, inuyasha, ouran high school host club(watching now), full metal alchemist, fruits basket, ghost hound, boys over flowe..."

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