I Became a Survivor...pt6

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  1. I nearly cried at what I saw as we ran. In the distance was an island or some kind of land. We ran all the way there and colapsed on the ground. We were too far away from the water for the hydra to get us. "Wait. Where's Joey?!"
  2. I jumped up. "Joey? Joey!! JOEY!" I shouted. No reply. "Oh, Joey..." Suddenly I lifted my head. There was a scent on the air. Joey's scent. Dane and Matt were sniffing the air tto, so I knew I wasn't crazy. I ran into a narby forest without thinking. Only thinking of my friend all alone and possibly in trouble. I raced through the trees, following his scent. After a few minutes, I found him. He was fighting an enormous horse. But this wasn't just big. It looked like a demon horse, like you see in movies and books. It was black with red swirls on its rump and legs. It also had two dark gray horns with a slight curve in them jut back on its head, pointing behind it. Oh ya, and it didn't have a mane of hair. And it wasn't bald. The mane and tail were made of crimson flame with black streaks in them. I gazed at the horse, amazed. "When I get out of it, I'm SO making a book about this place." I said.By now, I was at Joey's side. "Wow. It seemed to calm down once you got here." He said. "Naw. He just smells wolf and is being more cautous now. Now move towards the beach slowly." I said he did and the demon horse stomped his forlegs at us. We stopped. He approchd us slowly, as if to say 'Do what I want and you won't get hurt'. He was now only about a foot away from my face. Something made me relax, going against all my instincs. He pushed the top of his head against my chest, just like a dog or cat. I reached out slowly and touched his head with my fingertips. I now noticed he was breathing heavily. I patted his head and flinched as my hand touched the flames running down his neck. Surprisingly, I didn't burn, though the flames emmited a calming warmth. Without warning, he knelt down. He nodded his head towards his back. Aw-struck, I pointed to myself. As if to answer, he grunted. I took a couple steps farward and hesitated before putting one leg over his enormous back. When he stood straight up, he stood as tall as a small elephant. "____?" I looked to see Joey looking doubfounded. I pet the deamon horse's mane of flame. It felt like something was there like fur under the flames. He turned his head and nousled my hand. I giggled. I laid down on his back, still on him. "Will you take me back to the beach?" I asked the demon quietly. He slowly started to walk farword, being easy for my sake. Joey started to follow and the beast whipped around, revealing two thin fangs. "It's ok. It's ok. He won't hurt us. He's a good friend of mine" I said, patting his neck. He seemed to stare Joey down for a minute, before moving on.
  3. When we got to the beach, everyone was sitting down, just enjoying the dry land. Except Matt. He was kicking a tree. Why you ask? No idea. "What'd that tree ever to to you?!" I yelled at him playfully. All he did was grunt. Everyone else whipped around. Sarah and Teijah started running up to me, until the deamon horse snareled at them. "Ookkkk then..." Sarah said nervously, backing up. I patted his neck and asked him if I could get down. He knelt to the sand and I hopped off, running to my friends. Sarah gave me a big hug, followed by Teijah. Then Talor came up to us. "Soooo... What's that?" I though for a moment. Then I put on a cheerful smile. "No idea!" "Whell then, why were you riding it?" "Cuz he wanted me to." "What?" Talor looked sceptical. I sighed. "Ya see. Him and Joey were fighting- God knows why- and then I came and he got all calm and nuzzeled me and bent down and motioned to his back and I got on and we came here and-" "Ya. I get it...Man that's a lot of 'and's" "Sorry." "Well, what now?" Yelled out Ciel. "Hmmm..." I thought for a moment. "First, we find food. We were out there for a few days and we're very low. Food and water are first priority. Sarah and Teijah can stay here and gaurd our stuff. Jen and Talor can go fishing and get water latter. You'll need fighters to go, so it can wait. Right now me, Joey, Dane, and Matt will go hunting. Ciel," His head popped up from the leaf he'd been playing with. "You'll have to fly to look out for danger, or good prey. Is everyone ok with this set up?" Everyone nodded except Jen. "Hold it! I am NOT going in the water! I've had enough water for, like, EVER!" I sighed and shook my head. "Jen." "WHAT?!" "Tell me. What have you done to help us since we've been kidnapped?" "I, uh...What've Sarah, Reka, and Teijah done?!" "Sarah located me the morning we were allowed to see eachother. Reka's helped prepare meals, and Teijah isn't really capable enough to do much, but she tries. YOU on the other hand, could do a lot, but you haven't even TRIED! You just sit back and let others do the work! So either start helping or go survive on your own!" I wouldn't actualy make her go out on her own, but threatening is the only thing that'll work until she gets some decipline. She ghasped. "How DARE you threaten me!" "Anyone got a problem with my suggestion?" All was silent. "UG! Fine then, I'll go swimming!" I smirked. "Good girl. Ok, then. Dane! Joey! Matt! Ciel! Let's go!" I yelled to them. Joey and Ciel trotted up to me, making conversation, Dane walked beside me silently, and Matt stood his distance. After we were a ways into the forest, I stopped. "Ciel, time to take off. Scout the place for a ways and report in on what you see regularly, even if there's nothing. We need to know." "I'm on it!" And with that, he took off into the sky. "Ok. Let's find some non-seafood meat!" "YA!" The guys yelled in usion.
  4. Within an hour, we'd cought 2 deer, 4 rabbits, a goose, and killed an attacking bear and decided to try it. What the hell? After each catch, we brough it back to the beach so it wouldn't slow us down. Ciel reported to us about every 10 minutes. He told us about both the deer before we'd cought them. Lugging the bear behind us, we made our way back to the beach. Teijah had fallen asleep by our medium fire. I smiled. 'She's so CUTE!!!' I thought. We set the bear down. "Well, who wants to skin dinner while me, Talor, and Jen are fishing?" Matt walked over to the deer without a word. "Thanks." I said simply. I grabbed to pot for water and some vines we'd cut. I'd put sticks through them so we could hang the fish and meat on them. Jen tried catching stuff, but she was hopeless. After about 15 failures, I stood up. "Jen, How about you collect water? Thanks for trying though." I smiled at her as I took off my T-shirt and jeans. She smiled back and went to fetch more water. I dived in and managed to catch an eel and a couple crabs. There weren't any crabs out in the middle, so I thought it would be nice. I dived to go after another one, when something cought my eye. I swam closer and saw it was another school bookbag. I tried grabbing it, but it was stuck on something. I went back to the surface and brought Talor down to help. Together, we managed to pry it loose from who-knows-what it was cought on. We dragged it to shore where Jen was waiting. "What happened? You two were down there for, like, 5 minutes!" I laughed. "Well, I guess living in the ocean for a week strangthens your lungs! Oh, and we found this." I nodded to the bag. We brought the water, our catches, and the bag up to the beach by the fire. By now, It was getting dark. The walk was a little ways, and by the time we reached it, me and Jen were giggling about funny times before we came here. "Ok. You've got to here this one! Once there was this gym teacher called Mr. Krachy, and he was a major perv, so everyone called him Mr. Crochy! One day this girl-" I was cut off by Sarah. "You two seem to be getting along well." She said. Me and Jen smiled at eachother, knowing exactly what the other was thinking. We suddenly started bombarding Sarah with funny stories. After a while, Sarah seemed to remember something. "I SO wish I had a camera right now! Take a look at thet" She pointed to the food we'd cought. Matt was sleeping on a half-skinned deer, his face covered in guts. We all looked at eachother, and at the same time, exclamed "Eeewwww!!!" We giggled and laughed for while. Then I got up and headed over to him. "What are you doing?" Asked Jen. "It'd be mean to leave him like that. I'm just going to clean him up a little." And I kept walking until I knelt at his side. I gentaly lifted him from the carcase and set him on the ground. "Hey, Jen, Sarah. Do you mind getting me some more water?" Sarah popped up. "Oohhh. I get it. Some ALONE time." And with that, they both scampered off towards the freshwater ocean. I laughed softly and shook my head. Then I got the pot of water and some tree moss and used it as a sponge to clean his face and arms. Sarah and Jen came back with more water and it took about 20 minutes to fully clean him off. I was almost done, when he woke up. "Oh! You're awake?" He groaned. Then he looked at me confused as to why I'd been leaning over him. "Well, you fell asleep on a bloody carcase and would've stunk if you hadn't been cleaned." He looked surprised and blushed deeply. Then it lightened into a faint blush. "Well, you should be fine now. I'm going to sleep. Goodnight." He mumbled a goodnight as I walked over to the fire. It was getting cold and I started to shiver. Apparently, Teijah felt the same because she curled up on my lap. Suddenly, Matt came up beside me and put his jacket around all of us. I gave him a small smile and leaned against him, the cold mealting away.
  5. I woke up latter and Matt was gone. It was still dark out. I looked over to see that all the meat was prepared and drying on the wrack-ish thing I made. Then I saw him walking up with a new pot of water. He smiled when he saw me awake. "Morning." He said. I just grunted in reply. "Man, You ARE grumpy in the morning." "Shut up." There was silence as he put the pot by the fireplace. "____." "Hm?" "Thanks." He almost whispered the word. It had taken me so much by surprise, I hadn't noticed Dane walk up. "Oh. Hey Dane!" He just glared at Matt and walked up to me. "Hey, ____. Come on. There's something I wanna show you!" And with tthat, he grabbed my hand and dragged me into the forest. We walked for a while and then came to and opening. "A cave?" Instead of answering, he dragged me in. We went around a few corners and came to a lake. Well, we were in a cave faced with a large body of water. I guess it was more of a pond. But there was a hole in the roof of the cave, letting in moonlight. It lit the whole cave up blue. The water sparkeled and silver fish swam around in it. Sometimes their scales would catch the light and make a spark of blue. There were also fireflies along the surface. It was amazing. "I was exploring when I came across this cave. Pretty...isn't it?" I nodded, too mezmerized to speak. "I- I thought y-you'd like it" He studdered. Why was he so nervous? "It's beautiful. Thanks Dane." His face lit up. Then, out of nowhere, he took me into an emotional embrace. Then, just as suddenly, he broke off. "S-sorry. It's just that when I see how the guys faun over you-expecialy Joey and Matt- I feel so...helpless. And I-" He broke off as I pulled him into another hug, burrying my face in his shoulder. I looked down to see his tail between his legs. I smiled. 'He's so nervous' I thought. 'But I guess I am too'. He pulled away and instantly pressed his lips against mine. My eyes got wide. Then I relaxed and found myself kissing back. By now, he'd pressed my back against the cave wall. After a moment, I felt his toung against my lips, demanding entrance. I opened my mouth to breath, just to taste Dane's toung exploring my mouth. Me broke apart for a moment to breath, but he soon pressed our lips together once again. This time, harder. He nibbled on my bottom lip, and I felt my face heat up. He broke off again, pressing his forhead against mine. Both of us were panting. "I-I wasn't too ruff, was I?" I smiled at him. He returned the smile before giving me one more peck on the lips. Then we both eased to the ground as I sat in his arms, just watching the water. After a while, he nussled my neck, and slowly ran his toung along it, right below my jawline. I shivered in pleasure. He grinned and kissed me on the lips lightly. Then he pulled away and pulled me into his arms. After a few minutes, it started getting light out and we headed back.
  6. When we got back, everyone was up but Talor. I walked over to him and shook him roughly. "Get up!" "For what?" He mumbled. "For the hell of it, that's why!" "But I wanna go to heven." He shot back. "You wanna go now, cuz I can arrange that!" He laughed softly and groaned, easing his way up. I walked over to the fire pit and sighed as I started breakfast: Crab legs and berries with some eggs we found in a nest in the forest. After it was done, I searved everybody. I blushed lightly as I gave some to Dane and he grinned. Matt seemed to pick up on this and glared at Dane. After breakfast, me, Sarah, and Jen went to fetch water. Once we were out of earshot of the guys, they exploded. "Where did you and Dane go?" "Why were you gone so long?" "What was up with you and Matt last night?" "Are you two-timing the guys?" I took a deep breath, silencing them. "Look. I'm not two-timing them. With Dane...I wasn't expecting that. And Matt. It was cold. That's all. No big deal." Jen looked at me with amused eyes. "Look. Guys don't look at things like that. They look at it as 'I like this girl. I think she likes me back.'" "I sure wish things were that simple." I said, looking to the ground. Then something hit me, and it wasn't a frizbee. "My God." "What?" "We need a BATH!!!" They giggled and agreed. "But where should we take it? If we bathe in the ocean, the guys'll see us for sure." We all sat thinking for a moment. "I got it! Sarah, can you fly around a little and look for a pond or something from above?" She nodded and took off. After about half an hour, she came back with good and bad news. "Ok. Good news is I found the perfect place! Bad news is there's something big there and I couldn't get close enough to see what it is." She looked embarased. "That's ok. Show me where it is and I'll check it out." She smiled gratefuly and started towards the forest. I followed and she led me to a beautiful pool of water at the bottom of a small waterfall.
  7. "Sarah, go back to the others. Tell them that no one is to go in the forest alone any longer." I whispered. "But, ____. If I leave-" "And what good will you do me in a fight? I'll be fine. Now get outa here!" I shout-whispered. She obeyed and flew away. I sighed and inched my way over to the water. Once at the bank, I looked around. I turned around at a small sound and was faced with a demon horse. But it wasn't the one we'd seen in the forest before. This one was pure white with blue markings on it and ice for a tail and mane. And its eyes were black, without whites. It looked posesed or something. I took a step back and felt water on my leg. I now noticed there were three shark-crock-like things swiming around in there. I couldn't handle all three of them and this demon horse all at once. I gulped and the horse stood on its hind legs, flailing the front legs at me, baring its all pointed teeth. The mouth reminded me of the jagged teeth of a shark. My body was froze. Not in fear, but ICE. I closed my eyes, waiting for the pain. But it never came. All I got was a neigh of pain. I opened my eyes as the ice deamon horse tumbled to the ground. I looked to my right to see the fire demon horse from before. The ice one seemed to be uncountious. The horse head butted the ice until there was enough off for me to do the rest. Once I was finnished, I lept up and put my arms around the demon horse's neck. "Thanks." I mumbled. Then I hopped on his back and asked him to take me to the beach. He took off and we were there in a matter of minutes. The minute I got off, Sarah tackled me to the sand, crying. "I-I thought you w-wouldn't make it o-out of there..." She sobbed. I patted her head and mumbled a couple "It's ok"'s. "Ya. I would be horse chow if it wasn't for him." I pointed back at the horse. Sarah gave me a questioning look, so I explained what happened. Everyone listened. "So I guess there are more of these demon horses in the forest, different kinds?" Ciel asked when I was finnished, and I nodded. "Ya. But he took it out pretty easy...As long as he's with us, we should be fine. I can take out the tuna myself." I said. Then Dane thought of something. "Wait. Why do you neeed that pool again?" "For bathing. None of us have had a real bath since we got here. Girls first. You guys have to stay away. I'll have him on watch." Then I thought of something. "I have to pick out a name for the horse, too. I can't just keep calling it 'Him', now can I?" The others nodded. Then they shouted out a bunch of names. I just ignored them and wak=lked over to the horse. "What would you like me to call you?" He looked to the sun and I knew what he meant. "Apollo." The others gave me questioning looks. "That's what you want me to call you, isn't it?" He neighed and jumped in the air. "Guess that's a yes." Matt said. I smiled at him and he blushed ever so slightly.
  8. Then us girls headed into the forest, me riding on Apollo's back.
  9. That's all for today!
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