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Ok... This is the next part to my story quiz "And the Wolf Grew Wings". Remember, I never give summaries of the previous chapter. So there! Sorry about my bad spelling.

Created by: Reanna15146

  1. Dane put his hand on my head "Hia. I'm King Dane Randebas. Nice to meet ya, ____." I was NOT expecting that one. Dane just didn't seem like king material. "So, Dane. We need to find out ____'s name". Dane suddenly grinned devilishly...
  2. I tilted my head in confusion, as did the others. Suddenly, Dane started laughing. "And WHAT'S so funny?!" Ray asked, his face turning red with anger. "Sorry, just saw your faces and-" He burst out laughing again. Then Yuuri spoke up. "Well, Dane doesn't usualy put on faces like that, so it just surprised us. That's all." He told me, noticing my confusion. "Oh." Dane led me into his castle and into a strange room. No. More like exotic. The walls were black, but I thought I could see diferent colors throughout it. Like If you stare at a t.v screen for a long time. Except it was swirls. The floor was clear and I could see plants and stones a few feet beneath it. There weren't any windows. All there was was a two bean-bags. One was blue, the other red. Dane sat in the blue one and motioned for me to sit in the other. Then he asked the others to stand by the door. We all did what was asked of us. He blew out the only candle that was givig light. Now it was pitch black. "____. Take deep breaths. Relax your entire body." I felt like I was being hypnotized. I slowly began to feel drowsy, so I guess that was the case. Suddenly, Dane was talking, but I couldn't understand what he was saying. It was like he was talking in another language, but somehow I knew it was English. I just couldn't understand it anymore. 'So far away...' I thought. I seemed to be in a state between contiouness and sleep. Suddenly, I was completely awake. "Well, that's it. ____, your Name is Crimson Dream. It sounds mystical, don't you think?" "Crimson Dream..." Suddenly, everything went black...
  3. I woke up and felt too tired to open my eyes, so I just kept them closed. Rolleng onto my side, I felt soft grass beneath me. Then I heard a lown grumbling. I finnaly opened my eyes to see that I was laying with Depth, his tail wraped protectivly around me. I yohned, sitting up slowly. "Depth...?" I heard the rumbling again, this time noticing the sorce. His stomoch. I giggled. And I swear, If dragons could blush, he would've. He put his paw down and I climbed in his paw. He set me behind his head, and I knew what he was about to do. "Wait! First, where are we, Depth?" I swear the black beast grinned, then he took off at high speed, opening his wings to their full length. I sighed, wondering whay I asked a dragon such a question. It's not like he could answer! 'I'm just so tired...' I thought. Right after, Depth stoped mid-air, still flapping his wings. He reached back and took me in his palm. He pressed me lightly agaist his chest and flew farward once again. 'How weird' I looked up at his head. He was smiling gentaly, as if content. "Thanks, Depth. Love you..." By now, I'd fallen into a deep dream.
  4. *** I was in the same dark place as before. I saw the strange falling glows. I already knew it wasn't snow. I looked closely at a near one and noticed something was inside it, but I couldn't tell what. Suddenly, all the glows joined into the shape of a person. After a minute, I saw me. Somehow, knew it was the same one as in the dream when I first got here. She looked at me worriedly. "What is it? Please speak." She shook her head and looked to her right. I followed her gaze to one of the glows. I'd thought they'd all gone into her. But something was strange about this one. It was about 10x larger than the others were and it was clearly red. Crimson even. I looked back at her/me and the was gripping her chest. Right over her heart. Then the whole place started vibrating. Like an earthquake. "What's goingon?!" I shouted, now panicking. She was now on her knees, still clutching her chest. Then she looked up at me with tear-filled eyes and looked like she was yelling something, but I couldn't hear her. She gave me a painful smile and suddenly a huge wolf ran up to me and threw me onto it's back so I was riding it horse-style. The wolf was enormous. It was the size of a gypsy vanner.(If you don't know, that's a large horse. Look it up on It was a deep-sea blue with purple and white markings, like a paint horse. He kept running and I held tight to his fur, fearing falling off. I looked farword and saw that we were running towards a door. Around it were five dark figures. No matter how hard I looked and squinted, they seemed engulfed in shadow. "Not yet..." I looked around, trying to pinpoint the source of the voice, but I found none. Something inside told me it wasn't the figures by the door, yet they were still important. The wolf ran past them with me still on it's back. We lept through the door and everything was engulfed in white.***
  5. I woke up just as Depth landed. We were back in the castle's garden. One of the workers noticed us and ran in to tell Dane that we'd returned. Dane, Yuuri, and Ray all came running out. They ran towards me, but stopped dead in their tracks when Depth roared at them. I tried to calm him down, but he just snareled whenever one of them came close. I tried to walk over to them to see what they thought was up with Depth, but he held me back. Not roughly, but he just wouldn't let me near them. "What's the matter? Depth?!" When the kings decided to stay a safe distance away, he snuggled his snout up to me. I pet him, trying to keep him calm. Why was he being so over-protective? Then the warrior driver of Ray's walked up to us coutiously. He was beside a small blue dragon the size of a medium horse. Depth snareled and the warrior stopped. But the blue dragon walked a little bit further and sat down before us. He made a low growl and Depth hissed. They started making all kinds of sounds and I assumed they were talking. After a few minutes, the blue dragon motioned for the warrior to come farword. He did, though hesitantly. He walked up to Depth and patted his lower chest, as by now he'd laid down, though he still held his head high, awaiting any danger. Then the warrior approched me. Depth growled, and he paused, but kept going, slower. He sat down beside me and sighed, as if relieved he was still alive. "How'd you do that? Even I couldn't calm him down." "He chuckeled. "Drex. He's my dragon. And a pretty good negotiator." I giggled. "So that's what they were talking about." The warrior looked at me curiously. "What?" "Oh, nothing. But, you know. The reason he didn't listen to you was because he cares about you so much." Now it was my turn to look confused. "Well, let me tell you what happened." I nodded. "After you found out your nae, you blacked out, though we don't know why. Your dragon here had been right outside the wall and suddenly came crashing through it. He grabbed you and flew off into the woods. Then you came back and he just wouldn't let anyone near you. I think he blames us for you falling uncontious. He just didn't want it to happen again, because he cares about you." I felt a small smile crawl across my face. "Depth!" He looked down and I motioned for him to get closer. Once his face was near enough, I clamped my arms around his snout. "Thanks, buddy." I kissed him on the tip of his snout and he made a sound that sounded like purring. "Now come on. They won't hurt me. It wasn't their fault. I was just tired. That's all. No need to be worried." He grunted loudly, which I assumed was an ok.
  6. "Thanks Depth." I walked over to the kings, but Depth still eyed them warily. Ray put caution to the wind and wrapped me in a hug so big, it pushed me down. Ray looked like he was about to cry. I smiled and gave him a squeeze before getting up, helped by Yuuri. He gave me an enormous smile and just held my hands for a moment. Until Dane walked over and gave me a light hug. Then he looked me in the eyes. "Don't worry us like that." He said calmly. I smiled. "Ya, because Ray was gonna pee himself if you hadn't shown back up whaen you did." Cooed Yuuri. They started arguing and I giggled. The warrior walked over to us. "Oh! Hey thanks. I couldn't have figured out why he was acting so strangely without you." "Don't thank me. Thank Drex. He did it." I walked over to the small blue dragon. I reached out my hand, but kept it far enough away that he didn't feel threatened, just like I learned to approch a dog. "No, wait! He bites!" Yelled the warrior. I just laughed as Drex licked my hand. I patted him on the head and said thank you. I turned around and the warrior loked dumbfounded. Ray laughed. "I already gave up on worrying about her around dragons!" He then laughed a bit harder. The warrior sighed and held out his hand. "Well, I'm Sebastin. You are?" I laughed. "____. Nice to meet you Mr.Butler." I said with a grin. "Ug, I know!" We both laughed. Then I sat down beside Drex and stroked his mane. He laid down his head and purred softly. Sebastian sat down beside be and did the same. I glanced over and Ray was sitting criss-cross, pouting. Just then, an idea struck me. I crept up be hind Ray and jumped him, wrapping my arms around his neck. And I gotta say, I scared the crap outta him. We both laughed and joked around for a while. Meanwhile, Dane walked over to Yuuri.
  7. Dane's POV: "She's something else, hu? You just feel like you can trust her and warming up to kings" I shook my head. "Ya, she's something else." Yuuri said. He glanced over at Sabastian, who was just staring at ____ dreamily, almost longingly. "Servant!" Sabastian poped his head up. "Shouldn't you get back to the carrage? Your job here is done." I raised an eyebrow. Yuuri never acted so impulsively. The man glared at Yuuri. "Sorry, sir. But I serve King Ray. You have no power over me." Yuuri scoffed and stomped back over to me. "Such insolence!" I grinned, amused. But I knew how he felt. Sebastian could help ____ when none of us could. We felt jealous. I'd admit it to myself, but never to anyone else. Ever.
  8. My POV: After a while, we all went inside for bed. It had gotten pretty dark. My room here wasn't as good as the one at Ray's, but it was still glamerous. I got dressed for bed. I laid down and dozed off. I woke to two intense amber (redish/orange) eyes. Then I screamed. I woke up and the creature sitting at the foot of my be, growling at me, was...
  9. Cliffahanger!!! It's not a very good one, but still. So who do you like?
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