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  • this was a good story, my advice is the same as booknerd's. you want a girl and a boy charater? ok!

    Kiara: sweet for the most part, but DO NOT get on her bad side. she really loves animals (especially the dangerous kinds like tigers and lions and bears (haha oh my!)) she has light brown hair thats pixie cut and sparkling blue eyes. medium height and well built

    Devin: he's really, REALLY quiet and typically only talks to Kiara (But their NOT dating!) he has medium lengthh black hair and grey eyes. kinda tall and medium build

    hope these help!

  • ok. Thanks. If you want, you can make a character,girl or boy. Just put down both a physical and personality descryption. I'll most likely put them in. Also, if you have any ideas for the story, I'm open. It's gonna be all mystical and stuff, so keep it in mind.=) thx

  • Good start.My advice is to pay attention to spelling errors.Because there is a difference between Mrs.Claws and Mrs.Clause.Good story.

  • oh. ok. they sound like good characters. I think I'll try them!


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