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  • "9th grade."
  • Hey GTQ guy?
    "If you click the private box, it makes it so that it doesn't show up on the new quiz list. That way, only people who care enough to visit yo..."
  • "Hello."
  • Hello
    "I don't know how I confused the names..."
  • Hello
    ">.> Not Twisted, Broken"
  • Hello
    "Hello. @Twisted You're talking about the thread you made, right?"
  • 15 challenges
    "Day 10: Computer Web Design."
  • "I understand that Offbeat is for threads with no real catagory on here, but wasn't it originally for weird stuff, such as zombies, or aliens..."
  • Pictures???
    "You have to be a Junior. And there's a little FAQ's thread answering that on this forum somewhere (I think it's still on the first page...)"
  • Hello?
    "Hello, stranger of the internet"
  • "Hello :). I'm kinda new to the forums (like, a week old :P), but have been in GTQ for a few months. People have called me booknerd, or just ..."
  • RP
    "Don't we have to do characters first?"
  • RP
    "Not really a horror person, but I'll give it a try."
  • 15 challenges
    "Day 9: Any shade of blue."
  • I think I wanna die:(
    "Two girlfriends and he's raped someone before? In 7th grade?! Kids these days -_-. That's kinda scary.."

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