Supernatural Studies part 11

WHAT'S THIS? A SURPRISE SUPER EARLY PART OF SUPERNATURAL STUDIES! YES! It is indeed here and early, and surprising. Well, it's surprising to me, I didn't think I'd get it out today.

But anyway, you should all give me ice cream and cake for being such a good person and getting this out early. Enjoy the story my darlings!!! Oh, and please comment and rate!

Created by: Mockingbird
  1. "Come in, and we can talk," I said, opening the door wider. Ms. Smith stepped in and sat down on my soft blue armchair, while I plopped onto my bed. "I was in my office, when I was paid a little visit from Eve," she said, her eyes seeming to see into my soul. Shoot, fluff, crap, whatever you want to say, Eve had reported me for something I didn't do, and now I would be locked up. "And she told me that you've been in some of my files, which of course, I didn't believe because my office has the tightest security and no one besides me can get in," she continued. "Do you mind if I ask where you're going with this?" I asked. Ms. Smith frowned even deeper, "The point is, Eve told me you've been snooping, which I don't believe because, as I said, my security is extremely high and impossible to penetrate. So I don't believe you have been in my files, but this is kind of a warning, if you are a spy and try to break into my office, you now know better than to do something as foolish as that." Ms. Smith stood up as to leave. "Wait! Does that mean I'm off the hook?" I asked. "Yes, because quite frankly, Eve has always been loose tongued, though it may be a little improbable since that is a very touchy subject for her, so you are 'off the hook' as you put it," she said, "But one more thing, don't you even think about telling anyone about what we've discussed, I was never here." Ms. Smith snapped her fingers and she vanished. Snazzy, the principal can teleport. At least one load was of my shoulders, I wasn't going to be locked up or anything, but Katelyn had fired me. And my parents were gone. So how exactly was I supposed to pay for school? Shoot.
  2. I was going to have to find another job which would be nearly impossible because I was a lunatic who assaulted a teenage girl. It was almost time for dinner, which was good, because I was starving. Oreos aren't exactly the most filling thing in the world. Ugh, I didn't want to get changed to go to the cafeteria, but I was really hungry. Hungry and lazy, a bad mix. But then I realized, I still had food from Miranda. I munched on the rest of the Oreos and sorted out the candy she gave me when I moved to my new room. As I was on my laptop and eating M&Ms, there was a knock on the door. "Hello? Is anyone in here? Hello? _______?" It was that voice again. The person knocked again. "She's not here," the guy said. Who the fluff were these people? "I'm telling you, we should go in, just to make sure," the guy continued. "No, I told you, we can't go in, she might attack us," the girl said. I sat up, I didn't even know these people and they thought I might be crazy and attack them? "Well what if she is in there but she's just to scared to let us in? We'll never see her," the guy said. "That might be true. You always knew her better. Fine, next time we'll go in if she doesn't answer, but give her that last chance. She deserves that much," the girl said. I heard a sigh. "Fine." I heard footsteps slowly die down again. "Hey!" someone shouted in my head. I clapped my hands over my ears, only to remember that I couldn't block it out. "Tomorrow's session is at eight, I won't be teaching you but I'll be taking you to the lab." Coach Walters. Why did I have to go to the lab? So they could see if I was an alien?
  3. I checked the time, six thirty. Ugh, I was extremely bored, but there was nothing to do. Maybe I'd go to the cafeteria for some dinner. I wasn't hungry after candy and Oreos, but it gave me something to do and who in their right mind turn down food? I put on an sweatshirt and walked out of Ivory. It was almost entirely dark out, but you know, that's how it is in New Jersey during Autumn. I walked slowly to the cafeteria, which seemed to be miles away, because I was so tired. When I was almost there, a ginger walked by and said, "Oh don't bother, the same thing happened to me, they aren't serving dinner today. God only knows why." She stood there as if waiting for me to leave. I frowned and trudged back to Ivory. What the fluff? They don't serve dinner and don't bother to let anyone know? I sighed. I walked up the stairs and to my door. I opened my door and whoosh! Ice cold water was dumped all over me. And of course, the only question on my mind was, how the fluff did all these people get into my room? There were at least twenty people crowded in my room. Most of them were girls, but there were some guys hanging around too. And they were all laughing. What the fluff? One, how were they in my room? Especially the guys? Two, why the fluff were they in my room? And three, oh the fluffin Xander, I was going to kill him. Because I had totally forgotten, forgotten that Xander was an evil little conniving devil! Okay that might have been an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Xander planned this. On cue, Xander popped up and came to stand next to me. "Ladies and gentlemen, the war has officially begun!" he said and the kids cheered. What a bunch of weirdos. But I had an idea. Xander made a big mistake in starting the prank war, of course, I may have sparked the enthusiasm to do it by locking him out of Ivory, but still, he was going down.
  4. "Xander," I said. Everyine went silent and looked at me. I guess they wanted to see how I'd react to being soaked with freezing water. "Gimme a hug!" I shouted and started chasing him around the room. All the guys burst into a luaghter and some of the girls did too, but I'm guessing the reason why most of the girls just watched was because they were in love with Xander and weren't that into me making physical contact. There wasn't that much room so Xander let my dorm and ran down the hallway with me on his heels. Some of the students followed us, but most of them left completely. We ran down the stairs and into the common room which I'd never really spent any time in. I had to get Xander before he left Ivory, it'd be too cold outside. So, I sped up a little more and tackled him to the ground. I wrung out my sweatshirt on him. "Ugh, get off of me," he groaned. I sat on him and contemplated it. I could get off of him, but then again, I didn't really feel like getting up. I know, laziest person ever. "I don't really want to, sorry," I said. Xander raised his eyebrows. "Nope," I said. Xander smirked. Crap, that's never a good thing. And I was right. Somehow, Xander managed to push me off of him and then be pinning me on the floor. "Ugh, get off of me," I said. "I don't really want to, sorry," he said, imitating my voice. I tried to push him off of me, but unfortunately, I'm not a wrestler and he weighed a lot more than me.
  5. "Alright you win," I said, giving up and relaxing all my muscles. Xander just looked at me. "You win," I said, "Will you get off of me now?" "Now, now, _______, you have to say the magic words," he said. "Ugh, please get off of me," I said. "Wrong magic words," he said. "What are the magic words?" I asked. "Xander, you are a sexy beast, you are amazing and so much better than me in every way..." he started. "Well I guess I'll be here forever, because that's never going to happen," I commented casually. "I guess we'll be stuck here," he said, "Although, if you're here, maybe that won't be too bad." I rolled my eyes. "I'll manage to get away," I said. Xander raised his eyebrows, "What makes you think it will be so easy?" he asked. "I never said it would be easy," I said, "But nonetheless, I'll get away." "Go ahead and try," he said. "Okay, but you asked for it," I said, "But for future reference, pinning someone down is much more effective if you pin down ALL their limbs." Xander took a second to register what I'd said, but that was enough time. I kneed him in the stomach and rolled out of the way. I stood up and realized that there were still students watching us. "What?" I said. "Never mind, but I'll be demanding explanations later!" I called while running up the stairs. I got to my room and locked the door behind me. Twix looked startled at me. "What? You would have stayed down there to be harassed by him?" I asked her while mopping up the floor with a towel.To tell the truth, I didn't really mind Xander's behavior. What was saying? He was a total player, I would get my heart broken.
  6. "Twix, you should be happy you aren't human, life is way too complicated," I told her wile stroking her head. I stripped off my cold, wet clothing and changed into some new pajamas. Hopefully that idiot didn't get me sick. And by idiot, I mean Xander. I sat down to contemplate my life. Everything in it. It's not something I did very often, because it almost always depressed me. There was a knock on the door. I froze, what if those mysterious voices were back? "_______, it's Tara, let me in," Tara said. I got up and opened the door. There was Tara and a very guilty looking Gwen. They both walked in and sat down. "I'm sorry about Xander, _______, he's an idiot sometimes," Gwen said, "I'll beat him up later. "Oh no it's fine Gwen, I already knew he was an idiot, but feel free to beat him up anyway," I replied. Gwen laughed. "So, is that what you guys were here for?" I asked. "That's what Gwen was mostly here for, but I'm here to help you plan your next prank on Xander. If this is a war then allies are allowed," Tara said. "Thanks T," I said, "Do you know by any chance how he planned that out?" "Oh I know," said Gwen, maybe trying to be useful, "He got almost the entire school to help him with this, he had to make sure you'd get out of your room, so he took your extra candy so you'd still be hungry. Then once you left he sneaked in and set up a bucket of ice water." I frowned, not very descriptive. "Well how'd he get into my room?" I asked. "Oh, he got that ginger on the first floor to help him out, she's always had a soft spot for him. But then again, most girls do. He had to get some people to play along that the cafeteria was closed so he wouldn't be waiting forever. You came back and yeah, the rest is history," Gwen explained further.
  7. "Okay, I think I'm mostly good now, one more thing, how come there were so many people there? Is it really the event of the year to see me be soaked?" I asked. "Well, a lot of people came, because it's Xander for goodness' sake. They're going to show up if he's there, and now you're in a war, you're getting yourself into a heap of drama," Tara said, "But anyway, good work with tackling him and getting him wet, we need to come up with your next prank because that tackle doesn't really count as one. Any ideas?" I thought for a second, "Hmmmm, nope." Tara frowned, "Well think harder!" And I did think harder, for another two hours. We schemed and finally came up with a plan, which was to be carried out at the most opportune time. It couldn't be too early, he'd be expecting that, I had to wait a few days. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow," I said as Gwen and Tara left. I fed Twix an extremely late dinner and checked the time. Around nine. Well, that's early enough for bed to me! I turned off the lights and snuggled under the covers. "Goodnight Twix," I said. I heard a low meow and I drifted off into dream land. I didn't remember what happened in dream land, and that was probably a good thing because of the things that have been happening there recently, it's not really a place I want to be hanging around in. When I woke up it was eight. Perfect timing! I had enough tie to take a shower and get changed before Coach Walters started shouting at me.
  8. I used my special cinnamon shampoo, and rinsed my hair thoroughly. My hair was always really thick so it took a while to wash. After I dried off I put on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and sweatshirt. I didn't know what I would be doing, but at least I'd be comfortable. At five to eight I fed Twix and went to the front of Ivory. A few minutes later Coach Walters appeared right in front of me. I jumped back in surprise. "Oh gosh, you scared the fluff out of me," I said. Coach Walters chuckled, "Come on, it's time for you to go to the lab." "What exactly am I going to be doing at the lab?" I asked. "Well, I've pretty much tested you for physical Skills, so we need to take a blood test to check a few things, and you have a new instructor that's going to check your mental Skills. We walked to the lab a doctor was waiting, thank goodness it wasn't Dr. Bennet, because I probably would kill him as soon as he opened his mouth. Instead was a man who looked like e was in his fifties with a name tag that said Dr. Greene on it. "Hello," he greeted, "If you'll just come with me, I'll be able to test your blood and you'll be off to Anita." I followed him to a different room that had one of those chairs that you sit in when they take your blood. He poked the needle in my arm and I closed my eyes, because I'm sure the sight would make me nauseous. After a few minutes I felt him bandaging my arm and I opened my eyes again. "Alright, Anita?" he called. "She's all yours!" A woman that also had a name tag came in. "Ah, you must be _______," she said in a smooth resonate voice, "I'm Dr. Castillo. Please come with me." She took me to another room which looked like a high school lab. Snazzy. "So, _______, we'll be testing you for mental Skills today."
  10. Thanks guys! I know you are surprised! Heheheh! DeathStar321, sorry I didn't get this out soon enough for you to see it today, I know we have a large time difference.
  11. Anyway, please comment and rate darlings!

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