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  • Grr, cliffhangers. It was about to get interesting too. At least, more interesting than the other tests Main took :P.

    Hmph, how dare Xander turn the entire school against me for a stupid prank. I dun like you Xander >:(. GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL! These story quiz guys(Not just your's) are annoying me BIG TIME. Go away, hot player types, you're not wanted anymore by me.

    I was half right. Eve did go over to Ms.Smith and cry her little eyes out(Heh, I can just picture it. Is it bad that this image is making me laugh?) But I can tell Ms.Smith is suspicious of Main. But give her a break, her parents just died -_-

    Anywho, I got three more things: 1.) I'm impressed you got this out so quickly 2.) Happy birthday if you don't get this part out by next week and 3.) PART 12!

  • Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. So many things are running through my mind and the mental skills.. Ooofff well I'm still worried that the main character is either not observant or ignoring or just plane dumb. She should already have her suspicions on her powers and went right to the doc :P Well the. That means one thing: OMG I WANNA READ MORE!! GAHHHHHH!! Xander *grins mischievously* get ready to get the worst prank while I whip your @ss. Mah parents, Mah job ;( pooey.

  • Of course Eve had to go and tattle >:/ at least I didn't get in trouble, but still, I didn't like where that conversation was going with Ms. Smith; I mean, can't they at least pretend they don't suspect me of being a spy rather than discriminating against me for having blue blood earlier than I should? ._. and who the heck are these people that keep coming to my room o.O what do they know about me that I don't? wow... wow... ALEXANDER, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!

    Oh and HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY! *presents a plate of birthday cake, ice cream, and sprinkles (yes, I brought out the sprinkles)* Now... Part 12 with sprinkles on the top? :)

  • So, I did finish these quizzes and I see that Mockingbird hasn't answered for a while and I think we should accept that she isn't coming back... Anyway we will all miss you if you aren't coming back! I personally loved your writing.

  • Can I kill Xander? Pleeeeaaaase? Oh and before I forget *gives you a lot of cake and ice-cream* I think I'm the only one that remembered about that ^.^

  • @shawkris28 she isn't gone - just busy planning the story and holding a contest: www(.)gotoquiz(.)co m/forum/literature/ 97660-contest/threa d(.)html

  • OMG I just read your quiz's and I LOVE THEM! Keep writing and please hurry! P.s your amazing at this!

    lenobia 12

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