Supernatural Studies

Hello! It's Mockingbird, and this is part 1 of my new series, Supernatural Studies! I've been working hard on this and I hope you enjoy it. I would appreciate it immensely if you would comment and/or rate!

Also, do you think the pacing is too slow? Because I think it might be, but I can't tell. So sit back relax and enjoy Supernatural Studies part 1! *applause as lights go down*

Created by: Mockingbird
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  1. Now that I'd found Ivory, I needed to find my room, and meet my roommate. The whole "roommate" thing sounded good, yet bad. I would have someone that I knew, and maybe I wouldn't feel so awkward. But the bad thing was, what would she be like? Would she be a total Eve? Or would she be nice like that other girl? I really should learn her name. But I guess I'm stuck with whoever I'm stuck with. I sighed and walked in the door. I looked around, luckily I was on the first floor so I didn't have too much to remember. I walked into the left wing after figuring out that they sorted these things out by odd numbers on the right, even on the left. "134, 134," I said to myself, "128, 130, 132, ah, 134." I got the key out of my satchel that the office lady gave me. I stuck the key in the lock and opened the door. A girl that looked about my age was sitting on her bed, holding Gone With the Wind in one hand, and a green apple in the other. The girl, apparently didn't know I had come in, or maybe she was just rude, because she kept her eyes in the book and took a bite if her apple.
  2. "Excuse me," I said somewhat audibly, not wanting to disturb her. She did nothing. I sighed, and looked at what I guess was my side if the room, it was kind of hard to tell. The entire room was still in pristine condition. "Neatfreak," I thought. But as hard as it was, I guessed the side that the untouched bed was on was mine. I flung my satchel onto the bed, and put my suitcase in my closet. I set Twix's carrier at the foot of my bed and was about to let Twix out, when I realized that maybe this girl was allergic to cats. "You're not allergic to cats are you?" I asked. Still no response. I rolled my eyes, is this how she always acted? I was about to go over and close her book when she said through a mouthful of apple, "Hang on a sec, I'm almost finished with this chapter." I just kind of stared at her, at least she wasn't a jerk. Actually, she was a lot like me. I can pretty much hear every other word when I'm reading. After a few minuted she abruptly closed her book, put on a pair of plain black glasses, looked up at me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Miranda. What's your name?" "Uhh, I'm ______," I looked carefully at Miranda. She had short, dark brown hair, cute hazel eyes, and nice, slightly tanned skin. Then I looked back at Twix. "You aren't allergic to cats, are you?" She laughed lightly and shook her head, "No, actually, I love cats! They're so cute! I've always wanted a pet, but Mom said they'd cost too much to take care of. So I read instead. Of course, it's not the same at all. Books aren't soft, or cuddly, or warm, and they aren't affectionate. I mean books don't have feelings, so they couldn't be affectionate, but still, I've always, always, ALWAYS, wanted a cat!"
  3. She looked at Twix and started bouncing on the bed. "What breed of cat do you have?" she asked. "Calico," I replied, "Her name's Twix." She made a "how cute!" face and asked, "Could I see her?" I smiled, "Sure." I let Twix out and she took to Miranda almost immediately. Miranda was very pleased by that and let Twix curl up in her arms. I smiled even broader, at least Twix was making friends. "Miranda, I was wondering, is there any chance you could, like, give me a tour of Forest Richmond?" I asked hopefully, I really needed to find everything and keep it on my mind's gps. Miranda looked up, "Sure, we can go right now if you want." She let go of Twix, put on her sneakers, went to the door. "Let's go." I grabbed my satchel and followed her out the door. "Do you want the entire tour," she asked, "Or the sufficient tour?" I furrowed my brow as she led me out of Ivory. "What's the difference" I asked. "The entire tour is pretty self-explanatory, it's the entire tour of Forest Richmond, besides inside the guys' dorms. The sufficient tour is just the basic things like the library, cafeteria, gym, bus stop, etc."
  4. I thought for a minute, it would be good to know where everything was, but I didn't want to go on a three hour tour just yet. "Let's go on the sufficient tour," I said. We stopped when we were out in front of Ivory. Miranda cleared her throat, "Ivory is the smallest dormitory In Forest Richmond, besides Glass Hall. They're equal in size, but Glass Hall is guys' only. In total there are six "halls" on campus. Ivory, Glass, Ocean, Ice, Ember, and Ash. The girls' dorms are Ivory, Ice, and Ember. And since the girls have those three, the guys have, Glass, Ocean, and Ash. Ice is the biggest girls' dormitory, and Ash is the biggest guys' dormitory. Now let's move on." Miranda showed me the cafeteria, the classrooms I would be in, (the mousy office lady gave me a list), and the gym. "Now we only have to go to the library and the bus stop." she said with a cheery smile. She showed me the bus stop first since it wasn't in actual building, she just pointed to it since I could see it. Then she took me to the library, which I was happy about, I loved books, and this was a big library from the looks of it.
  5. I walked into the library and kind of zoned out for a second, the library was beautiful. Rows and rows of shelves and shelves of books and books! Miranda interrupted my daydream with a laugh, "Yeah, I had the same feeling when I first came here, too. So this is the library, and if I'm not mistaken you need to get some textbooks and stuff. You can go ahead and do that, I have to get some other books." Miranda disappeared into one of the aisles and I went up to the elderly lady at the desk. "Excuse me," I said, "But I'm new here and I need some textbooks and such." I handed her the piece of paper that had all the books I needed written down on it. She smiled and said, "Okay, I'll get these, why don't you take a look at the books while I'm doing that?" I nodded and looked at the rows of books. I decided to go down the fiction aisle. Fantasy was always my favorite, because a lot of the time when I read a book, I'm trying to escape reality. I looked at some books, but I couldn't seem to find anything. I made a face of disappointment. I would find something next time, right now I wasn't really in the mood to read anything anyway. I went back to the front of the library and sat down in one of the chairs that was meant for people to read in. Miranda appeared shortly with her arms full of books. My eyes widened, I loved reading, but not even I could find that many books in only ten minutes. "_______", she said, staggering under the weight of so many books, "Can you please hold some of these books for me?" I nodded with a smile and took about half the books she was holding. Miranda sighed with relief, "Ah that's better," she said, "Sometimes I think I should just bring a wheelbarrow to hold my books." I laughed. A girl after my own heart.
  6. "Did you get your books yet?" Miranda inquired. I shook my head. "The lady at the desk said she would get them." "Mrs. Wood," Miranda corrected. "Well she should be back soon, she's a rather fit old lady," she continued. And right on cue, Mrs. Wood came back with her arms full of books. I felt bad that she was carrying all my books so I said, "Would you like some help?" Mrs. Wood smiled and shook her head, "No, I've got it." She brought the books to the desk and said, "Okay, here are your school books, and there's another book here that's from the school." I furrowed my brow. Mrs. Wood laughed, "Each student receives a special book from the school, it's like a present." That made no sense. I looked at the 'present book' and saw that it was jet black with silver designs on it that looked like they came from The Book of Kells, and in the center it said Ivory, also in silver. "Uhhh, thanks," I said, still lost in confusion. I took my books and started towards the door, "I'll see you later, okay Miranda?" I said. Miranda nodded and started talking to Mrs. Wood. I heard them talking about me, I think. I probably wasn't important. I walked across the soccer field that was between the library and Ivory. I was still really confused about the book the school supposedly gave me. I was still deep in thought when I almost ran into Eve and her cronies. The Parrots. "Hey Newb," Eve said with a toss of her chestnut hair, "Just got your books did you? Mind if I see?" Before I could walk away, one ginger took the black book that had silver writing. I wanted to take it back, but then I'd have to put down my other books. I scowled, but seriously, what were they going to do? I'm sure they wouldn't be too much trouble.
  7. "Ivory, there's no way that's right," snorted the ginger. The other Parrots, hearing that, flocked (hehe) around my book. They seemed to be upset that I was in Ivory, I'm not really sure why. "So what if she's in Ivory," said Eve, "That nerd Miranda's in Ivory too. I'm starting to think it's the dorm where all the Nons are." I wasn't sure what a Non was, but I was ticked off that they called Miranda a nerd. "Hey, she's not a nerd." I said. Eve raised her eyebrows, "Ooh, look who's friends with the nerd." I squirmed, doing my best not to punch her right in the eye. "Yeah, you might find this hard to believe, but not being a bimbo doesn't make you a nerd." I said, very satisfied with the look she had. "You better watch it Newbie," Eve hissed, "Or you might end up with no teeth." I rolled my eyes, that was probably the lamest threat I'd ever heard. "I'm sure you have a killer uppercut," I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm. That might of been overkill, because Eve tried to punch me, which I skillfully dodged. Of course that really ticked her off, and she continued to try and hit me. She failed, but one time it was a sheer miss, and her ring cut my lower lip. It didn't hurt that much but I didn't want blood dripping down my shirt, so I yanked my book from the ginger's hands, and started walking away, covering my mouth with my hand.
  8. I probably shouldn't have started a fight, especially on my first day, but I can't say I regretted doing it. I chuckled as I thought of how The Parrots looked when I was fighting with Eve. Almost all of them had their jaw dropped. I smiled and kept walking. You should know this little fact about me, a lot of the time, I don't watch where I'm going. That's proved by the fact that I ran into someone, and fell over. I also fall over a lot. "Sorry," I said automatically, that's just something I always say because I don't want to be rude. The person I ran into obviously didn't care about what impression he made. I was just guessing it was a guy, since, well, guys are stupid sometimes. It was a guy, and he just looked at me and said, "So you're the Newb? Well, at least you don't let Eve walk all over you. Most girls do that, but you, you've got spunk. And you aren't too bad looking either." I blushed. He held out his hand to help me up, which I grudgingly accepted. "Strike that," he said, coming closer, "You're kinda hot." I wrinkled my nose, I was homeschooled, but I was still socially knowledgeable to know what a player was, and I hated players. I was still covering my mouth with my hand, and I could feel blood gathering. I tried to leave but he blocked my way. "What's the rush? You have a hot date? Because no matter how hot they are, I'm sure I'm much hotter." I rolled my eyes. He wasn't even that cute. I looked at him, dirty blonde hair, cute tan skin, and sea green eyes. Okay maybe he was a little cute. But only a little. "Why're you covering your mouth," asked, coming even closer, "You afraid you're gonna get bitten?" I could smell his spearmint breath, and as much as I liked that smell, I didn't like him that close to my face. I backed away, but he just came closer, our noses were practically touching. "Ever heard of personal space?" I asked through my hand. He just laughed, "Why, do you feel uncomfortable?" he asked.
  9. "That obvious?" I said, getting tired of playing his little game which he probably played every ten minutes. I had to think of something to get him away from me for a second. Then I got an idea. I held his gaze, for about five seconds, then abruptly looked to my right. Since he was watching my eyes, he automatically looked to the his left (my right), giving me a chance to get past him. I ran for a few seconds, just in case he decided to follow me, but slowed to a walk after my suspicions were proven wrong. "What a player," I thought. But I had more things to think about besides a cute guy. I was going to need a job. I could probably find one in town, but I would still have to go to town, and I didn't want to do that. I also needed to tend to my cut lip. I got into my room, and realized that me and Miranda had our own bathroom. Yay! I went into the bathroom and took a look at my battle wound. It wasn't that bad and should heal, with proper treatment in a little less than a week. I washed the cut and applied some lip balm. I looked at the wall clock in the bathroom and saw it was already six o'clock. I had to be back on campus by nine thirty so I would have enough time. I got a jacket, since it might be cold at night, and took my satchel, obviously, and walked to the bus stop. Miranda said the bus originally comes at and then every hour. Which means the bus just left, or is almost here. Luckily, the bus pulled up, and I hopped in, the bus driver, whose name was apparently, Hummus, said that there was no fee for the school kids.
  10. I realized I was extremely tired and asked Hummus if he could tell me when we got to town.I fell asleep pretty quickly. The next thing I remembered was Hummus telling me we were in town, and me mumbling a response. I rubbed my eyes, grabbed my satchel, and got off the bus. It was more of a quaint little village than a town. It was very cute, and I liked it. There was a farmers' market, a small diner called Mae's, a coffee shop called Churros, and a Stop & Shop. Actually, there were way more things, but I would explore town later. I decided I would go into Mae's first. I'll cut the story short adn will say the owner didn't like me, which was really too bad. Then I went to Churros. The nice lady at the counter, whose name was Katelyn, said that she would take her into consideration as a waitress. At least now I had the chance of a job. Since I was already there, I figure I may as well order something. I ordered a piece of crumb cake and a chai tea latte. The crumb cake was delicious! I paid for my food and left. Then I realized if I wanted to go back to campus I would have to wait half an hour. Oh well.
  11. I was feeling so tired. I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes. I woke because I felt someone staring at me, yes I can feel that. I opened my eyes and saw a green pair looking at me. Ugh, that annoying guy I saw earlier. "You tired?" he asked. I raised my eyebrows, "How did you guess that?" I asked with a roll of my eyes. He shrugged, "I must be psychic or something." I groaned, realizing it had grown dark. "I have to get on the bus," I said, standing up and walking away. "So do I! What a coincidence!" On cue, the bus pulled up, and we got on. I sat down in a row in the back, and he sat next to me. "So, you have a name, Newbie?" he asked. "Yeah, and it isn't Newbie." He laughed. "But what about you?" I asked, "What's your name?" "Xander," he replied. I must of looked confused at such an odd name because he added, "It's short for Alexander." Interesting. "Well if you'll excuse me Xander, I would like to sleep on the way back so goodnight." I said. I was hoping he would take the hint to sit somewhere else, but he just shrugged. I looked out the window, and pretended to be asleep.

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