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  • Nope, I think your pacing is good. Not too fast into it where one can't keep track of the characters and not too slow where it seems to drag. I do agree that it's a tad too similar to Confinement with the setup of the town down to the friendly bus driver, but I also have the feeling that it's going to depart from that base later in the story, so I have no qualms with that. With the way that that Parrot said "Ivory Hall", I have a feeling that each of the halls is set up for a different category or something which is why they're all different sizes. I wonder if Ivory and Glass are like the "elite" dorms or something which is why less people live there, but then again Eve said she thinks all the "Nons" are there which doesn't sound particularly elite... more like reject :P I guess I'll just have to wait and see :)

    QOD: no DX he's like Flame and I can't fall for the same player-type twice or out goes my dignity... wait I already lost that by fangirling for the player type in other stories >.> *cough* I do like his nickname, but I'll reserve judgement until I get to know him better

  • This is really good! The pacing is great, you don't rush through things, so we get to see more about the characters and they become more real. Well i guess that only applies to Miranda so far, but she's a really good character and interesting! Haven't read confinement, but I am liking this one a lot so far. As for Xander, well, I don't know much about him yet, I guess most guys aren't going to be totally good or bad, so good that you haven't gone for that. he doesn't seem very nice atm, but I guess i don't have to fall for every guy around :P Keep it up!

  • No, you're not going too fast. Every author needs a couple of chapters to explain everything and get the reader comfortable in the book. Though, I am amzed at how fast you are getting this story up. Keep it up :D

    QOD: He's okay. I don't think he's going to be my favorite but we'll just have to wait and see...

  • Question of the day: Do you like Xander?

    Hmm... well I did like the fact that he appreciates a girl who can stand up for herself, he's not like "oh girls are weak they can't do anything blah blah blah" so I respect him for that... however he really needs to learn about personal space and listening to other people. So far he's meh, great part by the way. I like Miranda, she's very nice and seems smart. I actually want to read that Ivory book now, it seems so mysterious. I haven't read Confinement so I can't compare this with it, but if you are kind of following along with another storyline try to ask questions that never got answered the first time and make up a whole new adventure using the same setup.

    @ Twisted_Roots

    This is going to sound weird, but what the heck I'll say it. I think you have a very pretty name. (By the way, my quizzes haven't been showing up on the newest quiz bar for a few weeks. I wouldn't normally advertise like this but I'm not sure if anyone knows that I finished part 14 on "Remember the future" I don't know if my quizzes will ever show up on it again but this is just for those who need to get caught up. Okay now I'm done being a sellout back to this quiz)

    Sorry about that, I have a few more things to say. I like the title, and also the names for each of the halls. Although I have a feeling there's some prejudice against the Ivory hall... I wonder why. Hopefully we'll find out ;)

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • It was a great start. But it was very similar to Confinement. I know you probably got inspiration from it and that's totally okay. I respect that. I can tell this story is going to be very very very different in the middle/end. Idk xD I have this hunch with all the halls. and this being supernatural....Ivo ry hall sounds special from the others :3 just saying. But really, every time I read 'Ivory' I'm so not used to the 'leaf' at the end xD Yeah. I'm narcissistic. I know.

    I really love the feeling/aura I get when I read this. Maybe it's just me but every book I read, every important part in my life, I have this different feeling for each. So sometimes, when I hear a song I heard during that period, I get that feeling. Its so reminiscent. Yeah off topic. I'm considering getting a test and medications for ADHD. Because during some classes, I tend to just stare at the teacher, not hear a thing, and think about scenarios I know will never happen. and that kinda breaks a little of my heart knowing it wont ever happen xD I'm so sad D: Now I'm off thinking for a guy name. I need one. quick :x

    QOD: Xander? I seriously love the nickname. Because most Alexanders go with Alex. Or just Alex. But Xander. me gusta. but other than that, he hasn't left a deep impression on me. sorry :\ it's probably the time of day or that I just finished my tutor class or that I'm eating my favorite grapes right now. I love food. Yeah anyways, he's a lot like uh....Flame. It's not bad but try to introduce the guys a bit more differently. some guys give the DEEPEST impression EVER. try to make the parts about Xander longer, more detailed..? Idk. not so good at giving advice because I'm afraid the person will be offended and I never EVER try to do that. I love it when people give me advice however. I haven't gotten to know Xander's personality that much. just that he' know ^-^''

    I'm just the weird, random kid having fun with everyone. Yeah that'

  • No, I don't like xander. Also, this is too similar to Confinement. Put your own twist on it! And my name's Katelyn. Spelled EXACTLY like that. Pretty good.


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