Questions for sixth grade social studies

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Are you as smart as you think you are? Do you really know social studies like you think you do? Find out by taking my quiz. You could be smarter than you think you are.

This is not like regular quiz, this is a social studies quiz, like you never imagine it has question about Egypt and it's pharaohs so try and see if you are smart enough for it.

Created by: Alexis
  1. Who is the god or godess of the afterlife?
  2. Was Isis Osiris' wife or sister?
  3. How was upper and lower Egypt decided?
  4. What did most of the soilders get paid in?
  5. What was Menes remembered for?
  6. What were mummies wrapped in?
  7. Who was the youngest pharaoh so far known of?
  8. What is the definition od old kingdom?
  9. What did they put on the side of the coffin?
  10. Where were all kings barried?

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