Are You a Hindu

Do you want to know if your a hindu? Well this is the place to figure that out if you can figure this out you are probably a hindu. If you use google that doesent mean you passe.d

Go back to your 7th grade social studies class this is probably where you heard this stuff before. If you passed it you will definately do fine on this test.

Created by: Zeke
  1. Do you believe in Reincarnation?
  2. Do you think believe in that you are in a Caste systems?
  3. Do you believe in more than one God/Goddess?
  4. Do you believe upon being reincarnated you would come back as a mouse?
  5. Do you believe in Hinduism?
  6. Does a Hindu pray to the Bhudda?
  7. Would you be put into a higher/lower caste upon being reincarnated?
  8. Which one is the Caste?
  9. Are Hindus former Bhuddist's?
  10. Can Hindus marry into a different caste?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Hindu