What is meant to be your skin color....

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Everybody has a skin color,but it might not mean what is inside you? A Christian might have brown skin or a Hindu might have pale skin? everybody is different

Fun facts: Mice really don't like cheese. People are really apes,not monkeys. You might have been a cheese slice in your last life. Green colored cheese.

Created by: Wussmaster of wikipedia.com
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  1. What means the most to you?
  2. Are you a rich dude/dudette
  3. Are you goth?
  4. Life question: OMG your house is on fire. The fireman can only save one person. Who do you choose? (NOT YOU)
  5. On a scale from 1-10 how do you rate your family
  6. What are your school grades?
  7. How often are you on Gotoquiz?
  8. Do you have a sibling(s)
  9. Pick a number (does not affect result)
  10. Last question: Are you a jew

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Quiz topic: What is meant to be my skin color....