Dog Skin Solutions

Dog Skin Problems can be a huge issue for many dog owners. It's so SAD to see our dogs scratching, itching, and even worse hurting. So, this little quiz is meant to help you help your dog ASAP.

The quiz is pretty easy. It's just 10 questions and there are 3 possible answers. Choose the best answer for your situation and at the end of the quiz you'll have a customized response for your dog. TIME TO TAKE QUIZ: 2 Minutes

Created by: Mike of DogSkinSolutions
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  1. Does your dog have a skin problem?
  2. Do you know what is causing your dog's skin problem?
  3. 3. What kind of remedies or products have you used to treat your dog's skin problem?
  4. Have you tried homeopathic or holistic care?
  5. How much do you spend a year on pet care products?
  6. What kind of results are you looking for
  7. How would you describe your dog's skin condition
  8. How long has your dog had a skin problem
  9. Has your dog lost his/her hair (either now or in the past)
  10. Have you had any success in treating your dog's skin problem

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