The Incredible Quiz of Death

3H Enterprises sent a letter to the city Friday withdrawing its application to rezone residential land for industrial use to allow for a package sewage treatment plant, prompting city commissioner and proposal advocate Mark Stewart to lead the board in foregoing a decision at its meeting Tuesday night.

Letters sent by a New York-based developer encouraging property owners in Lockwood Folly to sell their land sent up red flags in the Brunswick County attorney�s office last week. At issue is language in the letters, sent by the CEO of Sharma Landing Inc., contending that adjacent properties devalue the company�s proposed waterfront development and are at-risk of the county imposing fines and litigation for building code violations.

Created by: Daniel of Chaffin Illustration
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my main instrument?
  2. Which of these is My favorite show?
  3. Who is my sexy wife?
  4. How long did I play college soccer?
  5. What tournament winning team was on when I got MVP?
  6. What country have I NOT been to
  7. What was my frist musical group called?
  8. Who wrote the song "Carnage in the Supermarket" for that group?
  9. Where was I when I was 10
  10. What is my favorite table game
  11. I bat with what hand?
  12. What is my favorite color
  13. What is the worst class I ever had?
  14. How many semesters of intramural basketball have I played?
  15. Who are currently my greatest rivals
  16. Is this the last question of the quiz?
  17. That was the last question

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