what will you dies of

things happen that you never expect death,death,and death well this quiz is only about 1 death you never know when where what or why it happens/happened but here you can know how youll die and you could be ready

do you think you have enough dignity to take this quiz or will fear take over and leave?im not sure but destiny is destiny and your result doesnt have to be true but it should be anyway

Created by: margie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. you see an old homeless man on the street begging for money what do you do?
  2. u walk by a candy store and see a sign "help wanted" you think its for a job but
  3. its for becoming a robber the pay is $100 an hour do u take it
  4. how would u rather die
  5. why r u taking this quiz
  6. r u enjoying this quiz?
  7. what color is your hair?
  8. what color r ur eyes
  9. r u
  10. so uh how much do u weigh
  11. last question would u kill for money?
  12. no this is the last question r u sure u wanna no what will u dies of

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Quiz topic: What will I dies of