what kind of "death" are you

have you ever wondered of what kind of "death" you are? its me ersyle again and i plan to see what kind of death you are, like maybe your a white death or fang death? maybe your even the rare blue death, find out and show others what you are!

Are you "death" which is an anceint type of thing in my book "nations apart", you could be part of the blue death wich are controllers of emense chakra, or the gold death wich seem like shining dragons.

Created by: ersyle
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. fav animal specias?
  2. the dreaded question, fav color...
  3. your momma!
  4. fav. activites
  5. fav. movie?
  6. you see this homeless guy geting beat up bye a punk, your reaction?
  7. lets say your driving and theres a red light and your extremely p.o about soemthing and you want to get home as fast as you can, what do you do.
  8. whats my name
  9. your walking home from a long day and its night time, your here foot steps behind you and they have been following you for quite some time now, your reaction?
  10. Fav anime show

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Quiz topic: What kind of "death" am I