How will you die

Have you wondered how you will die? Well here is your chance to find out. Specially made for ANY person. I hope you don't want to die a terrible death. But..But i guess we you will find out how bad of a death you will have.

Get ready to find out... And if you die a horrible death...just remember... YOU CAN'T ESCAPE FATE!!YOU CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR DEATH!!YOU CAN'T ESCAPE NOTHING IN LIFE!!IT IS FATE!!

Created by: Cory

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have had sex with at least 10 different people.
  2. You enjoy spending time with many wild animals
  3. You love to express yourself weather it P***es people off or not
  4. Do you like being in the wild?
  5. Do you hate this quiz?
  6. Do you think this quiz has to many questions?
  7. Just two more questions after this!
  8. Are you afraid of dying slowly?
  9. Do you have any"friends with benefits"?
  10. Have you ever cut yourself?

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