Death is my lover! pt.2

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This is my second quiz! Thank you for viewing it! It was hard work making it! If you haven't read my first quiz then look this up! Death is my lover! pt.1. This is part 2!

There are some of the same characters from the last one! Except now there is Death,The principal:Mr.Deadman. The teacher Mrs.Santra. Then Alex's parents:The Dad name:Fredrick. The mom's name:Clawdiu!

Created by: Gothicteen

  1. As I was walking to school,it rained! I love the rain! So I put my hood down and put in earplugs. Then I reached the school and went to my locker.
  2. Then the first hour bell rung so I went to History. During History,the principal called me in his office. So I went. I asked the principal,"Yes Mr.Deadman what is it?" He said,"Crow I know Alex was your boyfriend. I was thinking about sending you to a person about your feelings." I said,"Mr.Deadman I'm fine! I just need schooling to distract me about Alex." Then the second our bell rung. I told Mr.Deadman,"I have a test today in Home-ek! Which is 3rd hour. But,I can't miss it!" So he let me go.
  3. I told the teacher why I was late. Mrs.Santra said,"What happened to Alex? Your his girlfriend so you should know!" I asked her,"Can I go to the office? I have to ask Mr.Deadman something." She said,"I almost forgot to tell you! Guess wich English teacher is about to get married!"
  4. I said,"Mrs.Santra your getting married! Who's the lucky man?" She said,"The lucky man is Mr.Deadman! Were getting married! You may now go to the office!" So I went.
  5. On my way there I saw Death! It was so scary! He came halfway to me and pointed ag me! I spun around there was nobody behind me! I asked,"Me? Why me? I miss Alex,you know that right?" He shook his head,and grabbed my hand! Then he spread his wings and flew.
  6. Then he put me down in front of the office door. I went in and then found Mr.Deadman practicing his vowels! I asked Mr.Deadman,"Can you stop for a minute?"
  7. He said,"You know that me and Mrs.Santra is getting married,don't you?" I said,"Yes but I have something to ask you. Can you pull an asembly with me speaking?" He said,"I'll think about it,but now go to class Crow Poe." Then off I went.
  8. Then the 3rd hour bell rang. I quickly grabbed my Home-ek stuff. Then I ran as fast as my wedges will let me! I came in 10 minutes early. I said,"Thank Satan!" The teacher handed me the test after I sat down.
  9. Then I was finished,so I looked at all my answers. After I turmed my test in I was called to the office. I ran there,and found my Mom and Dad waiting for me.
  10. I asked them,"What's going on?" Then Death came behind me,and put his hands on my shoulders! Then Alex's Mom and dad came up. They said,"Satan told us everything! Death told us what he did today with you!" I turned around and hugged Death.

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