Death's Door Part One

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Welcome to the series! As you may know, I am also the author of the "Your Story" Series, but that didn't work out too well, so this is my backup plan.

In this quiz, similar to the "Your Story" quizzes, common sense is very important here. You listen to your gut, you should be fine. Good luck!

Created by: James Bond
  1. Welcome to the quiz :P. Alright, so in this story, you and your friend John have just woken up in a Dark room... The walls are padded, one single bulb lights up the whole room, and the only visible door is locked... No windows makes the room seem even gloomier. What do you do?
  2. After what seems about An hour and a half, a Muscular looking teen enters through the door. Looking at John, he says in a deep tone "You first..." The teen suddenly grabs John and drags him out of the room, with John shouting for you to help him. The door slams shut, and you are all alone. You can only wonder what's happening to John in the other room. What do you do?
  3. You can hear John's cries, and what sounds like two other voices, one belonging to the mystery teen. You suddenly realize the situation your in, and begin to fear for your life. You look in your backpack that you had on before you woke up in the room for any clues or weapons. Inside, you find a Metal Eddie Bauer water bottle, a Textbook from your English class, A house key, and $20. What is your item of choice if they return in the room for you?
  4. Hiding against the back of the padded wall on the side of the door, you wait patiently until you hear the shuffling of feet coming to the door, beginning to open it. When the first head is in sight, you give a swing with your water bottle. Dazed, the mystery teen falls to the floor, leaving the door open. Running out, there is nothing but a dark hall. To your left, you hear John's shouts for help. To your right, you see the exit. Strait ahead, you see a storage room, which could be a good place to hide and learn more of where you are. Where do you go?
  5. "WHERE AM I? WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?" You demand, shaking the still dazed fellow teen. He gives a weak laugh, and spits in your face. Ugh. You wont find answers here, and so you go forward, into the storage room. While in the storage room, you hear two other voices coming from your right and moving to your left. They stop outside the padded room, where the now unconscious teen lays. Shouting a warning, the two voices sprint to the left, towards the other voices. Not Good. What do you do?
  6. Staying put, you hear the reproaching footsteps. This time you hear three: the Two from before, and One new voice, who sounds a little familiar. "He's out..." Says the familiar voice. "Seal up the exits, we cant let them escape," It finishes. Reflecting on the conversation, you are lost in thought. Suddenly, you see a shadow tower over you. "HE'S IN HERE! I FOUND HIM!" Uh oh. Before you can react, you see half a dozen other teens rush into the room. You find it odd that all of these people don't seem to be adults. Anyways, you are dragged into the left room. The walls are painted eggshell white, and has the look of a hospital. You are strapped to a hospital bed, with John next to you. The two of you exchange worried looks. What do you do?
  7. The leader of this group seems surprisingly young- maybe younger than you by a year, he seems thirteen or so. "WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!" You shout, fear/anger getting the better of you. Like the previous teen, he does not answer, he only smiles and shakes his head. "You're definitely not in the position to be asking me the questions. You just hold still, and don't struggle," he says darkly. As he says this, you spot one of the teens with a large needle approaches you. Thoughts?
  8. Just as the needle is about to penetrate your skin, you hear a deafening BOOM! at the right entrance. The leader curses, and sprints towards the noise. He points to the teen with the needle "Zack! Come with me!" He shouts. Thankfully, the needle holder, Zack apparently, follows. You can still hear the leader's shouts all the way from down the hall. Only you and John still remain in the room, but you can still hear everything. You hear the leader shout. "Jack?! What the-", and is cut off by a cry of pain from himself. For a long time there is silence. Finally, you see an unfamiliar person enter the room. Unlike everyone else, his face seems softer, angelic. He frees you and John from your restraints, and holds out his hand. "I'm gonna need you to come with me," he says, with an urgency in his voice. What do you do?
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P. So what did you think?
  10. So here's the fun part... I'd appreciate it if you could leave in the comments how many of these I should make, K?

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