Love is just a Word part 1

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This is a story quiz. ONLY FOR GIRLS! If you are a guy then please exit the door to the right.

So you are here to see what you here to do Huh? Well we are going to take a quiz! Dur da dur! Just kidding. Enjoy.

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  1. Your driving in your car to a friends party. You suddenly lose control on the interstate. Your car slides of the rode and into a tree. You don't know where you are and you look behind you and you don't see road at all. The only thing you see is trees engulfing the surroundings. Your heels make it hard to walk in the wet soil. You decide to take them of and put on some flats from your car. Then a gray mist appears from no where and you feel groggy. All of a sudden you are on the forest floor out-cold.
  2. You wake up to voices whispering around you. You decide to keep your eyes shut. You realize you are on a soft bed and you are covered with a silky smooth comforter. You realize that the air around you is cold. You dare not cover yourself more, so you squint with one eye and keep the other closed to look around the room. You see a black haired guy in his twenties. His eyes are a piercing yellow. He has flawless pale skin. When you look more around the room and see it is small enough to be in a normal house. The walls are bleached white and the trim is gold. You see a serious looking teen sitting on a golden looking lounge chair. He had red hair with a black tint. His eyes were a green and his face was shaped perfectly. He seems to be intrigued by you. You dare not move to see the other-side of the room.
  3. You then decide to make the appearance of waking up. you smack your lips and start to rise. You feel the presence of the person right next to you quickly go away. You then open your eyes and look around the room. Your eyes meet five other pairs seconds at a time. There is the black haired twenty year old and the charming teenager. They are now sitting a foot away from each other. In the other three you see a tanner and older version of Taylor Lautner. The only thing different were his eyes. They were larger and more forgiving. Another guy in the room was a charming dirty blonde. His eyes were the most piercing blue. You feel like your have just fallen in love until you see the last one. He had brown hair and green eyes. He face looked like it was carved by angels.
  4. "Where am I?" You ask with a lot of nerve trying to make yourself look like you actually had nerve. You brace yourself for a comment that will brake your whole plan. "Don't worry guys, she is only faking it to look brave." The guy with black hair said. "Oh and by the way, my name is Sean. Nice to meet you. This is Lucas, Fred, Isaiah, and Jackson. He pointed at them all one by one. I couldn't help but look at them all over again. The Taylor guy was named Isaiah, the teen was Jackson. The guy with brown hair was Fred, and the dirty blonde was Lucas. I was standard compared to them. "Welcome to Fairy World!" Sean exclaimed. "Yes and we are a magical pixies waiting on your command!" Jackson said while he rolled his eyes.
  5. You are officially freaked out right now. They all seemed strange. I couldn't help but start to flip out. "You better tell me where I am or i will...." "You will what! Hurt us?!?!?!" Sean yelled. "That is what I was gonna say but now it sounds like a bad idea...." I said. Then all of a sudden Isaiah walked over to me and put his hand on my face and I passed out.
  6. You wake up to the smell of roses. All around you see roses arranged by color. You see purples and greens and blues also. It was bright outside. Not a cloud is visible in the bright sky. You see Isaiah clipping roses. He carefully places them in a bucket of water. Then you see what you woke up on. It was pure rose petals. They were all arranged to make a face, your face! The dew on the roses helped you get cool on the hot day. You see that Isaiah is approaching you with the roses. "Where am I?" You ask. "I can not tell you yet. For you, *name*, must not know yet." He said in a sweet but manly tone. Isaiah then started walking over to a cottage looking thing. You see that he doesn't use a door but he knocks on a red wood tree and disappears. As always the curiosity killed the cat and you decide to follow him. He just seemed so relaxed and normal. Coping exactly what he did you pop into the house. Sean was standing right next to you with his arms crossed. "You should know one thing about me *name*. I am the Prince of Unnatural. And if guess what I am that makes me the Prince of the Unnatural, I will allow you to kiss me. If not, then I will knock you out-cold. Pondering for minutes you say...
  7. Guess what time it is? Cliffhanger time!
  8. What do you think of the story so far?
  9. Who is your fave so far?
  10. We are now done.
  11. Post a comment if you want me to write another quiz. Or post a comment on what dude you got.

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