Love is just a Word part 2

This is the second part to Love is just a word. Hope you like the answer and the quiz! P.S. Guys are not allowed unless they want to know which one they have a crush on!

So here it is. Figure out which guy you will fall for in the story. Remember! This is only a story. Guys who are cute vampires do not exists! Hope you like your result!

Created by: MC

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  1. "WRONG! None of those are correct you are really stupid and must be punished." Sean said. Then the gray mist appeared from all around him and he said what you knew was the correct answer, a vampire. You awake too being in the same room you were in the first night. Only Lucas was in the room. He was sitting in the exact same arm chair that Jackson sat in. You think back and imagine him sitting there. The sexy expression there still. "I have noticed you are awake." Lucas said. Startled you say, "Oh yes. Sorry. Oh yeah! Can you tell me please, WHAT IS GOING ON!!!" You yell. "Sorry for the misinformation, but I needed to tell you myself. I am the leader of this mad house. Sorry about Sean. He just thinks he is all that because of the Prince of the Unnatural thing." He said with a British accent. It was so dreamy you felt like you were in a cheesy sitcom.
  2. "You are in a world unknown to other humans. Only one is told in the future to come to our world. You are that person. You are the person that is said to defeat the evil in our world. And if all goes well then your world will become a better place to. We cannot ensure entire peace for eternity, but we can promise some peace." He said like he was the one who came up with the whole story.Lucas then came closer and sat next to you on the bed. He leaned over and gave you a kiss on the cheek and went out of the door. Still taking in what just happened to you, you put your hand on the spot where he kissed you and you say, "Never again will I wash this cheek." Still thinking about him, you strangely went back to sleep.
  3. Awakened by the sounds of voices, you see that it reads twelve o'clock on the clock. Walking out of the room, you finally see what the house looks like. There is a grey hallway with doors on either side. Your door was the last one on the end of the hallway. count five doors on each side of the hall. On the left side you find that each door has a name on it. The one closest to yours was Lucas's. "Of course" you thought to yourself with a bit a sarcasm. Then it went to Jackson, then Fred, then Sean, then Isaiah. The rooms across from them said that it was the same peoples offices, or headquarters. The long walk down the hall leads you to the kitchen connected to the dining room. You peek into the kitchen and the light is on. Two dark figures are standing in there before you make out that it is Fred and Isaiah getting a midnight snack. They were both smiling and talking to each other about you. You realize that you are wearing a night gown. Terrified you enter the room and say,"Alright, which one of you put me in the night gown?" "Oh that was Lucas. He didn't see anything because he is a magician and cast a spell or something. We came and asked him what to do because you started to smell funny. Us three thought it was your clothes and he said some funny words and you were changed." Fred said. "Now I get why you put me in those roses!" You said as Isaiah nodded his head.
  4. "Well, I think I am going to hit the sack. How bout you Fred?" Isaiah asked. "Na man. I ain't that tired yet." "See you too tomorrow!" Isaiah replied back. Then he left and it was only shirtless Fred and me left in the kitchen. "So, why did you wake up?" Fred asked you. "I guess with all of that passing out and sleeping I didn't need to be tired anymore so I came in here." You say. "Well, I guess fate has some funny ways of saying things." he replies. You than notice that Fred is scooting towards you. He then raps his arms around you and hugs you tight. He than says,"Goodnight my princess," and leaves. Thinking about what just happens you go back to your room and look in a huge mirror mumbling,"Am I that attractive?"
  5. You dozed of sooner or later. Thinking of the both Lucas and Fred. Not knowing if the other three were going to do the same. But you also thought of your normal life and how it would change drastically if you actually found out what you were and what the evil was. You actually thought that it was Sean! Sean! The one that brought you here. But yet you couldn't help think it was all a trap. The thought of it just sent chills down your spine. You dreamed of the three boys. In the dream you saw Jackson. He was walking on the beach with another girl. She had hair long enough to belong to Rapunzel. Without alarm she wrapped her arms around him and they started to kiss. You were so jealous beyond compare. So you ran at him and broke them apart. The girl looked at you and cackled. Jackson looked terrified. She had blonde hair and red eyes. The same red eyes that Sean had. Not knowing what was to come of it you punched her in the face and she disappeared. You walked back over to Jackson. Both of you leaned forward and right before you kiss..... "*name*, wake up!" You hear shouted. "OH COME ON!!!" You shout.
  6. You march into the kitchen and in the cheesiest bad guy voice you yell with hand movements,"Would dares wake up the powerful and beautiful *name*!!!!" Everyone starts to laugh except Jackson who starts to smile with his arms crossed. Then he said,"I did malady," then he raised his hand and pointed to the sky,"the heavens demanded peace from all your thunderous snoring." Everyone began to laugh harder and looked at me as if I had a good come back. "Well know that I am awake, you shall face my wrath! For I am *name*!!! The spirit of love!" then you walked over to Jackson and stared into his eyes with an eyebrow up and a finger pointed at him. "Alright you two. Time to get down to business. Fred! You will help us determine what power *name* has. Isaiah, you shall teach her how to control her power. And finally Sean, you shall teach her how to use her power in combat. If all turns well, we shall..." BOOM!!! Lucas was interrupted by the wall caving in. Two girls followed by an army of 100 were at the mouth of the opening. The first girl looked exactly like the girl in my dream. The second one had much shorter hair which was red and her eyes were the same but much fiercer. They looked as if they could cut steel. Then one of the soldiers reached out and blue tentacles came out of his hands and rapped around you. For a second it felt like you were going to die...
  7. You look around the room and see that your the only one captured. The soldiers around you looked like metal knights but more robotic like. All around you the boys are using their powers. Fred is using fire out of the palm of his hand. Sean is using some kind of dark mass and shooting it at the soldiers, making them fall to the ground and disappear. Lucas was using spells to make the soldiers fly across the room at the two girls who were commanding the army, Isaiah turned into a ball of spikes, and Jackson had his eyes purple with his legs criss-crossed in the air making the army explode. You were finally released and started to glow. Light filled the room and the rest of the army was gone. The two girls screamed in terror as they ran out of the hole in the wall. You then collapsed to the ground and fainted due to loss of energy.
  8. You ended up is a room with wooden walls. The ceiling was white and the carpet white as well. A wet towel is placed on your head. You are laid down on a couch and changed into comfortable clothes. There was a nightstand next to you with a golden liquid in a bowl. There is a note next to it that says,"Drink when awake. Love Jackson." You take a sip and it tastes like delicious honey. You feel rejuvenated and new again. You skip out of the room and realize that you were just in Jackson's office. With the liquid in your stomach and new clothes on you go into the kitchen. Lucas was just repairing the wall and the rest of them were talking about you, your power, there powers, and how lucky they are. "Hello *name*!" They all said as you came into the room. "Thanks, I guess." Then the funniest thing happened to you. You thought that Sean was giving you the cold shoulder until he ran up to you and kissed you on the mouth. It lasted about ten seconds and he was holding your shoulders. You pushed him off and said,"That was a warm welcome!" with a lot of sarcasm and pep. They all laughed except for Lucas and Jackson who went to help Lucas with the wall, both of them acting very steamed.
  9. You run over to them and ask whats up. But both of them don't answer. You walk back to your room and behind you all you can here are The other two guys punching Sean and going,"Way to go. You just got the only girl that I hugged mad!" Or,"I was going to do that!" Those comments didn't help you at all. So you got to your room and slammed the door. Angry, you look around the room and see pictures of a guy with Black hair and blue eyes. He reminds you of both Jackson and Sean. On the frames it said,"Peter, the greatest leader of all." You look more around the room and see that there are helmets and swords laid across the room. All you could wonder is,"Did the person before Lucas get killed fighting the evil?"
  10. It is time for a CLIFFHANGER!
  11. Who is your favorite character so far?
  12. Comment on what you got or if you really want a part 3!!!

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