What kind of loon are you?

Here is a quiz to prove just how loon-tastic you are. That's right. Loon-TASTIC. Not tasty. No one likes a tasty loon. Get away Simon. Don't you just get annoyed with sandpaper. Hello tomorrow. I don't like that advert.

Today is a day that will not be tomorrow. You know. I like the flowers, I love the daffodils. Aha. You were singing along. Darnation. That's a fun word. Like walrus. I like the word walrus. It's a good word.

Created by: Hatti and Joy

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  1. If you were a sausage, what kind of sausage would you be?
  2. Can you explain to me why we need mufflers on spaceships?
  3. Is the postal service after me?
  4. Yes?
  5. Is this the line for the bathroom?
  6. Would it be wise to purchase parachute pants?
  7. My kitten dresses up like a pirate.
  8. What should my new catchphrase be?
  9. What is the sound of one hand clapping?
  10. Am I asking a question? Or is it you?

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Quiz topic: What kind of loon am I?