How well do you know the crazy runner next to you?

The El Guapo Running Club is a band of brothers, a sisterhood of traveling pants, a fellowship of nutty obssessive-compulsive runners with an email problem. But do you REALLY know everything about that loon running next to you in the dark?

Do you know who has a dark and sordid past? Do you know who has the most questionable Google results for their name? Do you know EVERYTHING about the Guapos? Find out...

Created by: jen

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  1. Which member was arrested/detained by authorities for bringing a firearm on an airplane after September 11th?
  2. Which member has crossed the Panama Canal in the last year?
  3. Which member attended the University of Minnesota?
  4. Which member has the most children?
  5. Which member has NOT been featured in a newspaper in the last 4 years?
  6. Who's dog can walk themself around the block?
  7. Which member was featured on Extreme Home Makeover?
  8. Which member lives the farthest north?
  9. Which member has never served in the US Navy?
  10. Which member is most likely to tell you your outfit does not match?
  11. Which member has a child who refers to themself by their first and last name because their best friend has the same first name?
  12. Which member ran a marathon named after a candy bar?
  13. Which member used to be a "movie star" in the 70's?
  14. Which member has not traveled to North Carolina in the last 8 months?
  15. Which member is the most neurotic before a race?
  16. Which member has committed a hit and run?
  17. Which member uses the term "gender pretender?"
  18. Which member named their dog after a guy you'd meet at a bar?
  19. Which member did not grow up in Florida?
  20. Which member drives "the company car?"
  21. What is the name of the chatty old man that got kicked out of the 5 Points Starbucks?
  22. Who is the youngest of the following members?
  23. Whose spouse holds a world-record in barefoot waterskiing?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the crazy runner next to you?