Are You a Child of the 60's?

The 60's were a crazy time. Crazy music, crazy clothes, and CRAAAZY people! Sure, the Vietnam War was in full swing and people were scared of nuclear war. But in the end, was all good, at least, it was for many people.

Could you be a member of the Rucksack Revolution? Would you really be happier "trippin' with hippies" than "hangin' with your peeps"? Maybe this quiz will help you figure it out.

Created by: Saffron H. Wood
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  1. You own several articles of clothing which are tie-dyed, some of which you actually made yourself.
  2. You think the war and the government are institutions of The Man, and you disagree with both.
  3. You think 60's rockstars are the cutest/hottest/coolest/most fun ever, even though people feel the need to constantly remind you that they're all old or dead now.
  4. If you went to a used car lot and saw a microbus, you would seriously consider buying it and maybe even painting it a funky color.
  5. You may or may not use drugs, but you totally understand people who do or used to.
  6. You think the hippies have some pretty great ideas, and you don't tend to look down on them.
  7. If someone asked you to join the Revoltion, you would actually know what they mean and say yes.
  8. You would go to/have been to a protest rally.
  9. You truly believe that if more people believed in spreading peace and love, we would all be happier.
  10. If you had to cut your hair to get a job, you would do it.
  11. You think the Monkees, Herman's Hermits, and the Grass Roots are seriously underrated and unfairly insulted by 'refined' rock purists."
  12. The remakes of "I'm a Believer" and "Do You Believe In Magic?" greatly upset you.
  13. You see people wearing Beatles and Rolling Stones shirts and make yourself angry thinking about how there are so many other great bands from that decade that everyone ignores and who totally deserve their own shirts and...
  14. You would be offended if somebody called you "a hip cat (if you're a guy) or groovy chick (if you're a girl)"
  15. It's not a "riot" it's a "demonstration." The media is just so illiterate they can't spell big, long words like that.
  16. True or false: "Bubblegum" is just a candy.
  17. You would likely enjoy living on a commune.
  18. If someone invited you to "three days at a tent in a field full of hippies and music" in upstate New York, you would agree to come.
  19. You'd love to wear bellbottoms and think it would be awesome to tie a tie around your head like a headband.
  20. You can actually list 10+ people who were alive in the 60's and died of drugs/drug overdoses, and those who recovered.
  21. The Chicago Eight were unjustly tried.
  22. You wouldn't mind if a 60's rockstar threw up on stage and it hit your girlfriend/boyfriend. You may even shout "Lucky!" at him/her.
  23. You would know all the hippest moves if you went into a Sunset Strip discoteque.
  24. You might have seriously considered joining YIP. (and you know what they are)
  25. If the draft came around you would be listed as IA-O, I-O, I-W, or IV-W.
  26. The Grateful Dead, the Beach Boys, and the Doors are overrated.
  27. When you see a vintage sign that says "Hippies Use Back Door: NO EXCEPTIONS!" you turn around and head for the back of the building without even thinking about it OR burst in the front door so as to defy the Man.
  28. You want a time machine for your birthday. In fact, you've been declared legally insane by your friends for trying to build a time machine.
  29. Paul's dead. It's sooo obvious.
  30. If your friend said, "Hey lookit that hippie!" and the person indicated was just wearing a tie-dye shirt, you would be disgusted at your friend's lack of basis for distinguishing hippies.
  31. If someone labeled you a "Hippie" you would yell at them that hippie is not a label, it's a lifestyle and it was before real labels like "punk" and "goth" were even invented!
  32. Trippy songs like, "Incense and Peppermints" are not primative or dated. They just rock.
  33. You can name the "classic lineups" of at least four bands created before 1970.
  34. Music today, for the most part, is uninteresting and soul-less.
  35. You think paisley is a great pattern for pretty much any piece of clothing.
  36. You own at least one or two things with a peace sign or a peace promoting slogan on them.
  37. You own and buy vinyls, even if you don't own a record player. And if you do, you use it frequently.
  38. You listen to oldies stations. You'll even sit through some songs you dislike in order to hear a song you haven't heard in a while.
  39. "Man" to you, is the equivilent of "like" to a teenager. It somehow inserts itself into most every sentence.
  40. "Groovy" just rolls off your tongue.

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