what kind of Kid are you gonna have?

Some people have children that change the world, while other people have children that make this world terrible to live, want to see what type of child your gonna have cause if your child saves the world you'll thank me if not hope your noot going to jail.

Do you want to know type of child your gonna? Do you think your child is gonna be president,or doctor, or a drug seller.This test will help you figure if your gonna be a wealthy or poor paren to your loving child.

Created by: Morgan-Cierra
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a person who gets angry if someone iterrupts what you are saying.
  2. Are you the bossy b----,when your around your friends?
  3. if you asked your dad for some money and he said 'no' wat would you say.
  4. what is your usual mood in the morning?
  5. Are you a spoiled child?
  6. Do you have a cell phone?
  7. Do you like to eat lots of junk food?
  8. What is you favorite cake?
  9. Do you mostly wear name-brand clothes?
  10. what is your eye color?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Kid am I gonna have?