What Kind Of Flower Are You?

There are many different kind of girls in the world, all like a unique crayon in a box! Each personality is a special piece of the puzzle that build you! That was really tackly but idk what to say and i have to make this thing one hundred fifty characters so...have fun! Be yourself!

What kind of girl are you? Take this simple quiz to get an idea! I hooe you have fun, i mean thats the point its not like this quiz is gonna be 100% accurate but it is in most people, have fun!

Created by: Samantha
  1. Of these choices, which is your favorite?
  2. Of these choices, which artist/band is your favorite?
  3. What's your favorite smell?
  4. What's your favorite thing to wear?
  5. What's your favorite cereal?
  6. At the end of a sad movie you're usually the one...
  7. Your coach makes you do push ups, you react by...
  8. You have a song stuck in your head, you...
  9. Your dream car is...
  10. Your friend backstabs you by spreading a rumor, you...
  11. Out of these candies, what is your favorite candy?

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Flower am I?