How well do you know The Kite Runner

This is a quiz for all the Kite Runner fans who think they know everything! Do you have what it takes to become a winner and be the expert on the Kite Runner, well try this quiz and lets find out.

Are you a Kite Runner fan? well heres the quiz just for you?! This quiz tests your knowledge about the Kite Runner book and movie to see whether or not you really know your stuff.

Created by: jocelyn
  1. What does Rahim Khan say to Amir over the phone?
  2. How did Amir's mother die?
  3. How are Hassan and Amir related?
  4. What was Amir's first word
  5. What was Hassan's first word?
  6. According to Baba what does he think is the greatest sin?
  7. How did Ali become an orphan?
  8. What is Amir's mother's name
  9. Who does Assef think is a good role model?
  10. There was a rumor about Baba, that he..?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Kite Runner