~Love Story~ part 1

Welcome to the love story! There are twists and turns in this story. This is my first so please be kind. There will be a part two and hopefully more...

I have to give thanks to everyone who did Love Stories on Gotoquiz. They gave me inspriation so if you see you ideas in here, please don't be mad. Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: Maya

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  1. ok, Just to let you all know, this is a ALL GIRLS QUIZ unless you gay or bi. otherwise continue...
  2. You are coming home from the movies and you realize it's midnight. You keep walking home when you see someone coming toward you. You turn around but there's another person coming toward you. You turn back around but the mystery person gives a shot which makes you drowsy. You start to feel faint but then you hear 4 voices. One of them pick you up while the 3 other start to sound faint.
  3. You wake up in a fancy bedroom with a silky bed and you are surrounded by 4 guys...
  4. "Guys, she's awake!" They jump up and rush over to you. What do you do?
  5. They tell you everything is ok and that they are here to protect you. What are they trying to protect you from??
  6. "From what" you say. WHat do you think they will say?
  7. "We are protecting you from the angel of darkness." says one of the boys
  8. Freeze! Who are the guys?
  9. There is Brennan. He has shaggy brown hair and deep brown eyes. He is caring and is protective. He is the one who carried you to safety.
  10. Matt is a blonde hair surfer lookin' dude. He has emerald green eyes. He is clusmy...for love. He is also very strong.
  11. Zack is the bad boy. He has black hair in front of his eyes and has grey eyes. He is mysterious but has a soft side.
  12. And Justin is the strongest and is the leader. He is always looking for someone to fight and will do anything for you. He has dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes.
  13. Who do you like best?
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