A royal love story part 1

This is a royal love story! its about a princess(you)who is 18 and next in line to the throne! Your mother has died and your father is quite old to,so one day he decides its time for you to marry!

This story is about you trying to find a husband to marry over the course of 6 weeks! there are 3 suitors that your father has chosen plus a very special commoner that you have you eye on(he is not in the first part though!)I really hope you enjoy this quiz as much as you do with all my other quizzes!

Created by: me!

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  1. You are princess________ of ________. You are 18 years old and next in line for the throne!
  2. Today your father(king Harold of _______) tells you that you must marry over the next 6 weeks! he also tells you that tonight your three suitors will be at a ball late this evening(around 10pm)at the palace and you need to attend.
  3. You decide(or get forced) to go to the ball. you wear....?
  4. You enter the ball with your father and straight away someone catches your eye,who is it?
  5. you go talk to Prince Edward. "hello.i am princess _______of_____. "hello nice to meet you i am Prince Edward." "Thank you.nice to meet you to." "you look lovely this evening." "thank you! you to." just then your father calls you. "guess you have to go then." "yes.sorry. maybe we can talk later.nice meeting you.goodbye."(*curtsy*) "goodbye."(*kisses your hand*)
  6. you walk over to your father. When you get there he introduces you to Lord Robert Cloud. you then curtsy and he kisses your hand. Your father then leaves to speak with his royal private orchestra and asked them to play a slow song. lord robert then askes you to dance and you say yes.
  7. You start talking and asking about each others life and dancing-but apart from that the rest is history!
  8. the song the finishes and you say goodbye to Lord robert and head over to the last suitor-Sir Francis Sycamore.
  9. you go over to Sir francis. "hello.i am- "i know. your Princess ________of ______. i am Sir Francis Sycamore." "hello,nice to meet you. erm.. how do you know me?" "i know all the pretty girls names.And also because your father told me about you and thats why i am here." (*you blush and laugh*) "thank you."
  10. The clock strikes 12pm.This means that the introduction to all your suitors has finished. you say goodbye and thank you to all of them. who do you say a special goodbye to?
  11. Before you go into town,being a princess, you decide to go in disguise. You get into town and go straight for the bakers. When you get there you notice the baker getting you bread is a very handsome young boy(about your age).You notice he has brown wavy hair and jade green eyes that twinkle in the sun. You seem to be falling for a baker whose name you don't even know!

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