the twin- part two

Where we left off, Scarlett was about to be murdered by her sister. Does she survive? Or does this quiz just end horribly, with her dying? Take this quiz to find out! I worked hard on this and I hope you like it. Will she somehow escape?

Take the quiz and see! I won't be available for a while, but I promise you that I will have parts three through to five ready once I'm back. Don't forget to take my other quizzes! I love you all!read the parting words if you're confused about your result!

Created by: HIIRO

  1. I wake up with my head under my pillow. I know that in the movies, when people wake up from nightmares, they bolt up into a sitting position. I usually wake up with my head under the pillow. Despite the air conditioning and the thin robe I wear to sleep, I am drowning in a pool of my own sweat. I m breathing hard, like in the dream, and I really do feel like I was just running, a lot.
  2. My lungs are burning, my muscles are aching, nd my stomach is growling, very loudly. It's sending a message 'feed me! Feed me!' I'm not going to complain. I feel drained and wrung out, like I was put in a washing machine set on 'high' for two days. I will my legs to start walking, and they obey, eventually. I go down to the dining room, and make myself a little breakfast (bowl of chocolate cereal drowned in milk, four slices of toast with peanut butter, jam and Nutella, a whole ocean of orange juice, and a mug of Decaf.
  3. As I walk into my room, I glance at the illuminated numbers on my alarm clock and quickly conclude that my little breakfast, is more of a little midnight feast, because it is 1:44am. I sigh and mutter something under my breath that I do not want to talk about, then eat the food anyway.
  4. The food makes me feel warm and fuzzy, and sleepy. I listen to some soft music, and since that doesn't work, I listen to Victim by Avenged Sevenfold, or A7X (thanks, Cody and DogsBuddy who introduced me to A7X :D) while I do my homework which is due today. I listen to it on headphones, so my mom won't kill me. I finally finish all my homework, and I have nothing else to do, so I go back to sleep again.
  5. I have the same dream. It's like a video that paused while I woke up then continues the minute I fall asleep. Anyway, the knife flashes down... And stops barely a millimetre from my chest. I suck in my stomach real quick, and try to push my chest into the earth, away from the dreadfully sharp point of the knife.
  6. My squirming makes her stop and look coldly at me, which is pretty effective at silencing me, and stopping me from moving. Then, she stops trying to kill me and smiles, her eyes glinting cruelly. 'Don't you want ME to kill you?' She asks, feigning hurt. I shake my head feverishly. Her face contorts with anger for a moment, then is suddenly deadly calm.
  7. I wake up again, fortunately at the right time. I go through the basics: brush my teeth (extra hard cause I can still taste the snack) have a shower, do my hair, makeup, pick out clothes to wear. I don't have very many 'wardrobe' options, but that's only by choice. I prefer to wear jeans and a shirt everyday, the occasional dress, and some hoodies.
  8. I check the time. 7:45. The bus leaves at eight. I quickly run out of the house, kissing my mom and throwing her. Quick goodbye over my shoulder. She calls one out too. I run all the way to where the bus picks us up, which is luckily, just around the corner, or I'd get very sweaty.
  9. I climb on to the bus, then stumble because it started moving immediately. Annoyed, I stagger drunkenly between seats looking for his face among the crowd of straight uninterested faces I see. I walk past a seat and I stop abruptly as my rucksack is tugged violently, effectively making me do a half chinese bend. I see his face. Chad, the school bully.
  10. His face is annoyingly good-looking. Brown eyes and brown hair, dull, but his face changes all that. There is absolutely nothing in his face that makes it particularly handsome, it just is. All this I observe from my awkward, half-bent position.
  11. 'Well, hello, what do we have here?' His smirk is devilish, and makes me want to slap him.'Oh, hi, baby Scarlett' he says in a ridiculously high- pitched voice. I hear at least ten people laugh. I say nothing, but glare at him from my ridiculous position, conveying my hatred with my eyes alone, and his smile begins to sag until he has a straight face. Then he let's me go.
  12. He let's me go and I stand straight and walk away, giving the people who laughed the evil eye, which makes them duck their heads and makes them become suddenly interested in the design of the floor or ceiling.
  13. the results will be a basic introduction to that person. This is the only question that counts the others have no effect. If you keep getting 'Chad', change the options on the last three questions to something else and keep it that way.
  14. I continue walking. Everyone avoids my eyes. I'm the weirdo with the creepy cat. I'm not good enough for them. Suddenly a hand shoots out nd grabs mine. I turn and find myself looking into a sly, handsome, smiling face. "Hello, gorgeous"

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