First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 17

Come back and read this after you're done with the story :) Ryan's point of view: I can't believe it, she's hurt herself and it's like she doesn't even know it. She's going out there to stretch. She's dragging me with her too. I had to smile to myself. Stubborn and dumb Erin. She gives me this scary stern look to pay attention. She does exactly every stretch that the girl Miranda is doing. I glance at her. How does she do it? She was so strong-minded. It's funny, that she can be so dumb and cluttered at times, but then very serious and makes sense too. She wasn't perfect. She was trying to so hard. But... I guess I like her this way. Just like now. She always makes me laugh.

Suddenly she turns her puffy hair head to me. My chest is choking my throat. I look away quick. I prayed that my hair was covering my ears which I knew were burning red right now. Shoulda grown it longer over the summer. She saw, I knew she did. She looks back at Miranda again. I glance at her again. She knows I'm staring. Why do I have to be such a freak.

Created by: scumbag
  1. Your knee comes up first. Your left leg moves back. Your hands press the ground. You attempt to stand up. You fall again. Your cheeks burn when you think about Ryan seeing you right now, pathetically helpless. "Don't touch me," you warn again through gritted teeth. You twitched your ankle. You couldn't tell which one was hurting. Somehow you manage to heave your weight onto your weak legs. You stand up to Ryan. His eyes flashed from concerned to grinning. "Great. Maximum Megatron is standing once again despite the pain." He whacks your head. "You dummy," he mumbles as he takes hold of your arm and hauls you to a nearby bench. You push him away once you're sitting. You laugh. He laughs. "I don't need your help," you grumble. "Sure you don't," he kinda hums his reply. He slouches on the seat. "Hey, they're doing stretches, com'on."
  2. You tug on his shirt. "What?" he asks. You nod towards your stretching teammates. "But you can't even stand!" Ryan exclaims. "But you can," you cut in. You drag him to your group who were doing stretches. You sit in the grass with them and Ryan sits down beside you. You give him a stern glare and he rolls his eyeballs. You look back at Miranda, your eighth grade leader of the group. She was standing in the center of the circle and she was a damn good leader. You just had to do whatever she said. The guys often laughed and talked behind her back when she's not yelling at them. But the guys still were a little afraid of her. They always followed her orders.
  3. Right now she was doing a perfect lunge position. The runners reflect her. You couldn't find any trace of nervousness on her. She was just so confident. Well, she was the fastest runner of the girls. You never talked to her. But you could tell she was nice and funny outside of cross country. She never yelled at you, but she never saw you either. It's like a rule that the three grades don't talk to each other. Well, Chris did and so did a few girls to you, but for the whole school, nobody talks to you if you're older than them or younger than them.
  4. You felt eyes on you. You flicked your head to your right. Ryan looked away. He looked away. It was like you were two seconds late to catch his hazel eyes lock. You could see the tips of his ears glowing a crimson shine. You flicked your head back at Miranda. She was bending down now to touch the ground. You bend down to touch the ground. You felt eyes on you again. You pretended not to notice this time. Your head doesn't flick to him this time. Your eyes slide to your right. Hit the target. Hazel eyes. When he finally realizes that you're staring right back at him his eyes wander down and away. "What?" you whisper to him. A curve kinda tugs at the corner of his mouth that was facing you. "Uh nothing..." he mumbles. You look back at Miranda.
  5. Buses were pulling in. Kids from different middle schools. They start lining up and getting in circles to stretch. You were really nervous now. There were so many kids. Your own middle school shirts were dark blue with red numbers. Maline Middle athletes. The other shirts were green and white, light blue and yellow, and red and black. There seemed to be too many to count. How were they ever going to fit on the running course? It would be like trying to run through slow obstacles. You had to get in the lead first so that there's no one blocking your way. A few minutes later, you see cars pulling in. Moms getting out. Dads grumping behind. Some Dads are pumping. Some grandparents and little siblings come too. But you couldn't see your own mum and four brothers come screaming to you.
  6. You were panicking. What if the stupid car broke down again? Or maybe your mum forgot... You continued your stretches to the end. "Is your mum coming?" Ryan asks you. "Yea," you murmur. "Are yours coming?" you ask him. "Uh, they don't have time. Mum's at work and Dad went to run an important errand." "Oh, that kinda sucks," you say. "Eh, I dunno. It's ok I guess," says Ryan. No, it's not ok, you think to yourself. You're lucky to even have two parents. Parents are supposed to be there. You were about to say this when you remember Chris saying, "Give her a break. Mums' have it hard." Yes, Chris was right. Parents will always be there with you but sometimes you had to do things on your own. "They'll make it next time," you assured him. He shrugs.
  7. Miranda stands up and starts jogging lightly around the course. Half of the Maline Middle school runners jog after her; they were the first ones to go. Seventh and eighth graders go first. After their race, the sixth and seventh graders have their race. You guys were going second. And time was drawing very near... "TEN MORE MINUTES UNTIL THE RACE!" a speaker roars.
  8. You stand up and feel your ankles. They ached from the run yesterday and from your fall. You remember coach telling you, "Let the muscles rest and stretch it out. Do not run." So you sat right there while everyone left. Ryan lays there in the grass. "Wish me luck, eh?"says a voice. You look up at Chris's blue eyes. "Good luck," you say smiling. "I'll only win it if YOU cheer me on," he said. You widen your eyes. "I'll be out there then," you say. He grins. "Thanks." The speaker announces, "FIVE MORE MINUTES! GET INTO YOUR POSITIONS." Chris takes off towards the starting line.
  9. "Good luck," Ryan suddenly mimics meanly at your side. You turn to him surprised. "I'll only win if YOU cheer me on," Ryan says in a ironic low voice. "I'll be out there then," he changes to a higher pitch. "Thanks." He mimics again. You give him an ugly glare. "What?" Ryan asks as if he just noticed you staring at him. You make your eyes big and he takes off running when you raise your fist. What's with him anyways? You reach your left toes again with your right hand. "ONE MINUTE!" the announcer shouts. You get up and jog over to the parents. "FIVE. FOUR. THREE. TWO." A gun goes off. And they're off. The runners, a rainbow of the middle school colors are streaming as one.
  10. A huge band crossing the fields. You could see running pairs, individual determined ones, nervous ones, and your eyes wander to the front. One guy was racing in front. He was in the lead. You squint. It's Chris. He was in the lead. You were amazed. He just looked so... cool. His taffy head hair whipping back and flopping all over. Jumping up and down and trailing like a flag. No... more like an unrolled strip of toilet paper hanging onto the toilet paper roll. The sun cast it's gleam onto his dappling hair. His legs were churning up grass and dirt. He was doing it to the grass. He was making it an athlete territory. You cheered him on, in fact, you screamed, "GO CHRIS!!"
  11. STAY TUNED >:)

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