First Kisses come in Seventh Grade 7

Make sure you took the first one before you take this one. Please take your time to take the story although it may seem boring and off the love topic but it

may have some funny episodes that you might like. I hope you like it and will stay tuned for the next parts. :))

Created by: scumbag

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  1. She turns her wheel and the bus roars and then it goes. Before it disappears you remember glimpse of sneering faces. Boys faces. All grinning. Boys. Boy problems. You're starting to hate that species now. You're heart sank. You were really going to be late now. You remember that the oven clock was 2 minutes off of the real time. Without thinking you run after it. Maline Middle. Maline Middle.
  2. Of course you've passed it a few times back in grade school when Mum took you grocery shopping so you could get the RIGHT cereal and the NUTTY fudge. And mum knew a shortcut. You do too. You take off running down the other way the bus was going. You were going to make mum's shortcut even shorter since you were on foot and didn't have the limitation of staying on paved roads.
  3. You were going to have to cross a few back yards. You knew very well that nobody was home at this time of the day except for the bigger families. Single and small families were out by now. You make a run for it. Maline Middle. Maline Middle. Good thing your backpack was very light. Only an organization book and a pencil pouch inside plus a little money if you ever got lost and needed to use a phone booth which would never happen.
  4. Your shortcut included an alley. The alley with the two big dumpsters. You forgot it had potholes until you stepped into one. Until you jammed your foot into one and fumbled over a layer of loose cement. You were slowing down. There wasn't time to stop now. You needed something to keep your motivation. You imagined a serial killer running after you. That didn't help.
  5. You looked behind you. No ugly creepy guy came to mind. You forced yourself to run. You kept telling yourself, what's the risk anyways if you churn up a little bit more grass? "GET OFF MY LAWN!" You start climbing her fence when you hear her dog.
  6. BLAM! The doors burst open. You couldn't see that well. About twenty-two faces are turning your direction. You collapse at what you think is your locker. "Next one," someone says. You crawl to the next one. Someone opens your locker, takes your backpack and hangs it in there. The person bends down to your face. "Hi," they say. You poke her face. Mandy had shut your locker and handed you your folders and organization book and your pencil pouch. She grabs your arm, yanks you up and you both head to class.
  7. "Late again," someone whistles as you sit down. You turn around to face Ryan. "You be quiet grandpa," you say. "Brush your hair," he says. "Shave your nosehair," you shot back. You swivel your butt and face the front of the room. In the middle of class while Mrs. Pearson was pulling down a map of the world, you feel a tug on your hair. You turn around. He was busily scratching down on his paper. You turn back to the front. Another tug on your hair. "What?!" you shout in a whisper.
  8. He's snickering. You give him the eye and turn back in your chair. A poke in your back. You ignore him this time. He pokes you again. But this time, you couldn't turn around because Mrs. Pearson just called on you. "Erin, do you know?" "Huh?" you cursed Ryan. He stopped poking. "Oh, uh... no," you start to say. "Ok, how about you... how far away do you think it is from South Africa to Canada? -what's your name dear? The one in the purple sweater."
  9. You turn to a girl in the back that Mrs. Pearson was pointing to. She had the straightest hair that flowed like melted gold down to just above her cute shorts. Her body form was petite, her blue eyes and smile bright. You turn to the map and immediately spot the key. Each section was equal to 100 miles. It looked like about 8 of those sections could fit onto the map all the way to Canada. Your hand goes up immediately when the purple sweater girl looked up from her doodling. "Oh, it's Carrie. Um... two feet?" she guesses. A few laughs from kids.
  10. "Oh no, I meant in realistic distance. Who has a guess as to how many miles it might be from Canada to South Africa? Ah, Erin, your hand went right up when I called on Carrie. Did the answer come to you right then or were you not listening before and needed a repeat? Yes, what's the answer?" "8000 miles!" you almost shout. "Yes, that's quite correct by the way. How did you find that out?"
  11. "Nerd," a voice whispered behind you. Your body was turned to the side with a foot out from under your desk and his foot was sticking out from under your chair. You aim the target, green sneakers, and you crush it with your flip flops. "I used the scale in the corner," you quickly explain and then Mrs. Pearson goes on to speaking again. As soon as she turns to the board again, you whip your head around glare lasers at his paining face.
  12. once again results do not count :p i dunno what to do wit results anymore

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