'Fairy Much in Love part 5

Ugh I hate having to write these but anyway you will meet a new guy in this one because my twin sis Audra wanted me to make a new one.

And if Kcat is reading this then yes I took your quizzes the guy one was right, but I don't know very much about Aladdin! Sorry! They were good though and I rated them 10 stars!

Created by: Sunny101

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  1. You can feel Kyle smile, but he pulls away and leads you upstairs to the white and gold room. "Thank you." you whisper and he nods. You are thinking about the guys, because something about about Kule still seems fishy. You call out to Jake in your mind and he hears you! You don't know it but he does! It takes some effort but...
  2. JAKES POV: I was watching cartoons thinking of _______ when I heard it. It was a small whisper. It was her voice, I looked around to make sure nobody was tricking me. The other guys hadn't heard anything. Then I heard it again. 'Kyle I'm with Kyle.' was all it said. "Kyle the a-hole!" I growled and jumped up to grab my car keys. I knew where he would take her. "Dude what's with you?" Ben asked. "I heard her she got threw to me. She's with Kyle." at that they too jumped up and we were all in the car driving to Kyles. KYLES POV: I watched her sleep. She was suddenly drained of all energy, and I don't know why. She was beautiful, her hair fell over her face and even though her eyes were closed I could tell they were sparkling like they always do. A dog barked a Ross the street and a was snapped back to reality. I started to think about the plan. It was perfect. She would think I was good and Alex was evil. Then she would find out I was evil and have to choose between us. Brilliant. Old man Maximus still had it, he came up with the plan. 'Make her trust you then break her heart. She'll be torn and won't be thinking straight for a while. That's when we make her choose.' I looked at her again. Would she choose me even though I have to break her heart? The bark 7 times in a row and the door burst open downstairs. I ran down and saw my former best friends Cameron, Ben and, Jake. "No!" I growled "she's mine!"
  3. YOUR POV: A crash downstairs woke me up, just in time to see a hooded figure do a flying kick through your window! A huge shard of glass hits your like and you scream! The hooded figure takes of down the stairs you see blue sparks shoot from his hands. Then you black out.
  4. You wake up and you are back in the black and white zebra room back at the guys house. A pain shoots through your leg and you cry out. You hear footsteps and the door swings open. Cameron and Ben are standing there the pain is to much and you get tears in you eyes. "Hey guys." you say as though nothing ever happened. Ben rushes to your side and looks at your leg. A huge glass shard is sticking out of it! "this is going to hurt..." he says and slowly starts to pull it out, you scream and Cameron takes your hand you squeeze it tightly as Ben pulls out the glass and scream more. He throws the shard into the trash and puts his hands on your bleeding leg. You wince and he closes his eyes, a warmth flows through your body and the pain stops slowly. "Thank you." you whisper leaning on Cameron. "Anytime Sunshine." Ben says with a smile but a serious face. "Where's Jake?" you ask. "He went to the store with Ryan." Cameron replies. "Ryan?" you ask puzzled "Yeah. The guy who broke through your window the other day." "Oh." you say looking at your leg. The wound is no longer there and there is no blood. "What did Kyle tell you?" Ben finally asks you. You tell them and the don't look at all surprised they just stare at you then eachother. "What?" you ask "Well.." Cameron begins "be was mostly telling the truth. Thing is three years ago he turned evil and joined Alex. The marriage promise was then off and you were promised to us 4. Whichever one of us you choose you will be the new queen and him the king." he seems to rush the last part a little trying to get it all out. "Okay." you say wanting time to think about it. "I'm gonna take a shower." you say shooing them out the door. You shower put your hair in a side braid and choose to wear...
  5. Let's say you chose the bikini. You walk to the kitchen and see that Jake and Ryan are home. "Hey, I'm goin' swimming." you say as you walk out back you here them whistle and mutter 'HOT'. You smile and take off you shorts then take out your braid and stick your feet into the pool. It's warm and HUGE! At least the size of a football field and has a deep end with a diving board. You feel to hands on your back and then your under water. You come up and look around to see Cameron sitting on the edge. When he sees you he bursts out laughing, you grab his arm and he is caught off guard so you pull him in. Now you are the one laughing. He was wearing swim trunks but his shirt is plastered to his body. He pulls it off and disappears under the water. You look around for him but he is behind you and pulls you under. You let out a yelp then are complete submerged in the warm water. While you are catching your breath Cameron hops out and runs to the diving board. He does a triple back flip and hits the water with a huge splash. He surfaces right infront of you. You to spend the rest of the day in the pool and right before you get out (this is for you Kcat!) he kisses you. It's long and sweet, before you know it your kissing him back. You kiss for maybe 3-6 minutes when you start to shiver. You realize you forgot a towel and he shares his you both walk in laughing.
  6. You wake up on the couch, Ben is gone and in his place is a pillow. You yawn and stretch then head upstairs to take a shower. When you get to your room the window is open and sunlight is pouring in. You decide to leave it open and take your shower. You get dressed and wear...
  7. You grab a book and head out to the pool to read. You walk out and see Kyle standing with his back to you. You try to turn around but a strong hand wraps around your waste. You are about to scream when Kyle turns and walks towards you, he puts his finger to you lips and you pass out with the tingling feeling spreading throughout your entire body. You go limp in the mans arms and feel yourself being carried and then the the bouncy boat ride to an island. You book still lay open by the pool.
  8. You wake up in a small yet fancy bedroom and you can hear waves slapping against wood. Your on a boat. You get up and find a note on the locked door. It says 'We will pick you up at 12:00 for lunch. Get ready. Don't make us make you, you know what we mean.-Alex & Kyle' you find the bathroom and shower then change. There is only one outfit, and it's sitting on the counter. A note says 'Wear this.' you put on the white ruffle bikini and short shorts that are frayed on the end. You slide on the white flip-flops and pull your hair into a messy bun held by a brown hair clip. 10 minutes later the door opens without a knock and Alex is standing there in swim trunks and a t-shirt with a big smile on his face. "Miss me?" he says making you nod. He takes your hand and leads you to a table set for 3 where Kyle is already sitting down. "Hey beautiful!" he says smiling. He is wearing something similar to Alex, and you know you are going swimming.
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