'Fairy' Much in Love part 6

Hi, this quiz is kinda short in terms of how many questions are part of the story but the questions are really long!

Like I said this one is kinda short in one perspective. Please don't be mad and I would like to say 'Lauramks I did not rip anyone off!' Btw Firey_soul I love you quizzes I had to read them after the complaint on my second quiz.

Created by: Sunny101

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  1. You sit down and cross your arms, but they immediately uncross themselves. You shoot a death stare at Alex and he looks away ashamed and stops. You reach for a glass of water feeling a little sick to your stomach thinking of the kiss you two had. You eat the rest of the meal in silence. "We'll meet you at the pool." Alex says heading with Kyle toward a medium sized pool in the boat. You start yo feel kind of woozy so you go to the bedroom. You sit down and suddenly you can't remember anything about the last 2 weeks. You start to wander around and find a pool. ALEX'S POV: I was really hoping that it would work. Kyle said it would. We had given her a 'Forget Me Not' potion to make her forget the last 2 weeks of her life-of course it was only temporary. Then I saw her, she was walking in my direction with a dazed and confused look in her eyes. "Wh-where am I? And who are you?" she asked. Yes! It had worked! "Your on my boat. And I'm you boyfriend Alex! Don't you remember?" "Y-yeah I guess so." she says shaking her head. "Well come on in babe the waters great!" "Okay!" she says smiling this was going to be easy. She took off her shorts and slid into the water next to me. "You right the water IS perfect!" she smiles and hugs me, I can't help but smile too and hug her back, I was loving this. We spent the rest of the day in the pool. TIME FORWARD: After we both changed I let ______ pick out a movie and we snuggled together on the couch. She fell asleep next to me, and soon I too was asleep.
  2. YOUR POV: You woke up and saw Alex asleep next to you and smiled, then woke him up by squeezing his nose. He smiled when he saw you. Then he kissed you. It wasn't the first time but this time it was different, like it had meaning. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he your waist. You stayed kissing like that for a pulls minutes, but then your stomach growled. You pulled away and pouted "I'm hungry." he playful poked your stomach and you both got up for breakfast. The next week and a half went on like this swimming and movies every day. TIME FORWARD: You jumped into the pool and screamed as Alex tackled you. Lately you had been dreaming about these 4 guys, you didn't know their names or a thing about them just that they had been in your life and were important somehow. You tried to forget about them but their faces kept popping into your head. You kept having what you thought were flashbacks but you didn't remember any of them really happening. Finally one day you remembered everything. Everything. ALEX'S POV: 'Oh my god!' I thought 'this can't be happening! I think I'm falling in love ______ but that can't be I have to complete the mission. She is no one. Just a pretty face.' But I didn't believe it, I was falling for her. My thoughts rambled on and on until me door burst open and _____ walked in and slapped me then yelled, "You a-hole! How could you?!" everything I had just felt for her disappeared-for the time anyway. I slapped her back and made her stand completely still. Though there was still fury in her eyes and she was fuming she never opened her mouth. "Kyle!" I yelled and he came rushing in. "It wore off do your thing." I explained/commanded. The next thing I knew ______'s limp body fell into my arms.
  3. YOUR POV:I woke up in the small bedroom, with Kyle standing over me making sure that I didnt go anywhere. "She's awake!" he yelled not turning around. Alex walked in and sneered. "Well look who's finally awake? Did you enjoy our time together?" now you are mad. As the furry builds up inside you, you scream and the walls burst into flame! Kyle and Alex's eyes widen in terror. "Well, now we know one of your powers." Alex scowls still mad about you slapping him. "What do you want with me!" you already know the answer but you want to HEAR him say it. "Well we both know that answer. I want to marry you so that I can rule the fairy kingdom." he replies. By this time the fire has spread to the rest of the ship, you feel a pain in your back but not as bad as before and your wings blossom on your back. Alex is caught of guard and you run past him leaping into the smokey air and fly to a spot with clean air. You are exhausted and don't think you can hover there anymore as you see Alex and Kyle fly from the burning ship, you see a flashback of the guys house and then you are falling. You expect to land in the water but instead you fall onto a wooden floor, and the smell of lemons fills your nose. Lemons. The guys house smelled like lemons.
  4. You wake up and slowly open your eyes and see four eager faces staring at you. All four guys engulf you in a giant bear hug. "Guys... can't breath. You suffocating me!" "Oh sorry." they all say and ask you where you were, what happened, and all that stuff. You tell them everything-almost you don't want them to know about kissing Alex. You finish with telling them about the fire and then "... suddenly I was here!" they all nod and Ryan speaks "Well you can teleport and control all of the elements." "Okay." you say now everything is starting to make sense. "_____ you must choose one of us soon. Next time they take you-if the do-you might not come back. We have decided to each take you on a date, then the following night you must choose." Jake informs you. You just nod and Ben continues. "I'll be taking you on a date tomorrow, Jake the next day, then Ryan, and lastly Cameron." again you nod and they leave you so that you can sleep.
  5. I'm sorry if this one was short but the questions were very long.
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