A New Kind of Love Story part 2

Hey guys! So this is part two of A New Kind of Love Story. In this there is another guy! Yikes! Sorry it's short but it came out pretty quickly! That's always a good thing!

So who do you like? What's going to happen next? What is Alex going to do to you? Tell me in the comments and I'll try to write back as often as I can. Also don't for get to rate and tell ur friends.

Created by: Dolphin13
  1. Recap: Someone screams ur name telling you to lookout. Next thing you know ur unconcious.
  2. You wake up and everything is blury. Your head is killing you. You can make out two figures and the sidewalk your laying on. The figures are running towards you. Once they reach you they start yelling at each other. You can't make out what they are saying because of your head. You yell "SHUT UP!!!" Which only makes your head start pounding even more violently. The two figures quiet down and start whispering to each other. They then decide to lift you off the sidewalk and carry you to what looks like a house.
  3. You and the two figures get inside and they lay you down on something your assuming is a couch. They then put a pill in your mouth and your head feels better but you get very tired and fall asleep.
  4. When you wake up you can see perfectly again and your head stopped hurting you try to get up and then you see one of the figures. it's Max!!!!
  5. "Hey ______ You look well." he says. "Yeah what happened." "Well," he says, "You were walking home I guess and I was playing football with Alex in his yard, then I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out he screamed "Hey _____ Look out" mockingly and hit you in the head with the football. You were out for about 30 seconds. I yelled at him for a while untill you started yelling and we pulled you in his living room and gave you some asprin. He hates you." "oh" is all you can say.
  6. Alex walks in the room and gives you an evil glare, so you decide to get up & leave your obviously intruding. You walk out and you hear yelling from Max and Alex. Then you see Max storm out, he looks hurt and angry but, when he spots you he smiles and walks home. You want to help but what exactly are you supposed to do? You know its your fault, but shouldn't Alex take some of the credit too?
  7. You go home feeling terrible. You walk in the door and your mom says "Well there you are sweetie! I was worried about you untill I got a call from ..... what's his name, oh! Logan's mom yes that's who it was!" What? Wait wait What?! Great. thats just perfect. "Sweetie are you all right?" "Of course I am mom, Why wouldn't I be?" "Well for one thing ______ You look horribly confused and another you have a bump on your head. ______ ______ _____(thats ur fullname) Did you get into a fight?!" she said shouting at the top of her lungs. "No mom I was walking home and these boys were playing football and accidently hit me." It was probaly best not to let her know I already have an enemy. "Oh, alright dear go to bed you need your rest with that kind of bump."
  8. The next day, you go to the bus stopand Logan is there freaking out. "Whats wrong Logan?" You say. "Well, my faternal twin Tyler is coming." Your thoughts...
  9. "You have a twin?" "Yeah he was away at a 'special' school for smart people but he failed the first day and was sent back." Exactly what are you supposed to say to that his brother that it sounds like he hates, failed smart school. "No offense Logan but how dumb do you have to be to flunk smart school?" "Average," he said he looked really stessed out about his brother and was glaring at something behind you. You turn around and you see an extremely hot dude with chocolate hair and chocolate eyes and a perfect tan. All around he just made you think of choclate,except for his perfect smile, his teeth were so white and sparkly, like white chocolate.
  10. "Hi I'm ______" "_______? What a beatiful name for a beautiful girl," he says while kissing your hand, "My name is Tyler, I see you know my brother over here." You look over at Logan, he has such a worried and frustrated expression on his face. "Yes of course I do." You look over at Logan and he breathes a sigh of relief. What's so relieving about remembering him? His brother is charming but doesn't make people forget there friends.
  11. You guys get on the bus and its pretty much a normal day except for lunch.
  12. Your at lunch and you sit down. As soon as you sit down Tyler asks you if he can sit with you. You say yes and you guys start talking and you learn that he likes to play the guitar. Then Logan sees you two and joins you both then Kyle and Max do the same. They are all trying to get your attention and you're about to yell 'enough' when Alex says "______ are you not getting enough attention over there? How's this?" Then he.....

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