LA Summer Love Story: Part 10. The Final Chapter.

Welcome to LA Summer Love Story: Part 10. The Final Chapter. This is the very end of LA Summer Love Story! I hope you liked my series! There will be a follow up series soon!

What will happen? Will Adam cry? Will Jayson go back to his old ways? What's gonna happen? Who will be your last kiss of the summer? Take the quiz to find out!

Created by: AddiBabyy
  1. What result did you get on part 9?
  2. You wake up one morning. It's your last full day at Aunt Lisa's house, it's the day before you go home.
  3. You get dressed, do your hair, etc. Then you go downstairs, and go out onto the beach. You hadn't decided what you were going to do with this last day, but you knew you needed to spend it with the guys. As you walk, you see Adam lying face down on a towel on the beach. You go sit down, facing him. "Hey, Adam.." you say. He says "_______, you're probably gonna witness me crying at several points today. I can't freakin believe you're leaving tomorrow."
  4. You say "Yeah, I wish I didn't have to leave. This has been the best summer of my life." Then he says "Believe it or not, it's been the best summer of mine too. Everybody's like 'Oh Adam, you're so popular. Too cool to treasure any summer' or crap like that, but they don't understand... I didn't think I'd ever meet a girl like you, and now you're going home." His eyes tear up, and he looks away.
  5. You feel your eyes start to water up too, so you say "Well, I better go.. I have to spend a lot of time with everybody today." Before you can stand up, he says "Don't go. Spend a few more minutes with me. Please." You agree.
  6. You talk to Adam for a few minutes, and then he says "Yeah, I think I'll just cry now. Go have some fun with everybody, but come back and see me later... I love you." You walk off.
  7. So then you walk to "Jayson's Wall" because you know you'll find either Jayson or Jimmy there. You walk up, and all you see is Jayson. Headphones in. Looking down. "Jayson?" you say. He looks at you, tears in his eyes, and says "_____... don't go home." His voice is shaking. His lips are trembling. You hurry and go sit down by him and put your arm around him to comfort him. "Jayson, are you okay?" you ask. He shakes his head no and says "You changed me, _____. I don't smoke much anymore. I'm not constantly looking for trouble. I'm not just spending my time searching for something to hold on to, like I used to. Now I have you, and the guys. Instead of waking up and smoking a pack, I wake up and go find you, to make me happy. You're going home tomorrow, and I'm probably gonna go back to my old ways." Several tears roll down his face.
  8. You say, "Jayson, no.. you still have the guys.. Jimmy, Josh.. you're cool with Adam now..." Then Jayson shakes his head and says "_____, school starts back next week. I know Adam and I know he wouldn't dare be seen with a f--- up like me. I'm gonna be pretty lonely." You two just hug for several minutes. Then he says "Call me... at least once a week. Please?" You nod and say "Of course."
  9. You walk away, wiping tears from your eyes. This day sucks. You think of Jayson's sadness and start to cry again. Then Josh stops you, and says "_____! Oh my god, are you okay?" You don't say anything, you just hug him and bury your face in his chest. He takes your hand and leads you to a bench, where you two sit down. "Sad that you're leaving?" he asks. You nod yes. He says "We're all sad, trust me. And I think we've all cried. But... it's gonna be okay. We're all just gonna go back to life how it was before, but with a change in our hearts, because we all have each other now." You hug him again. He says "I love you, _____. Promise to come back next summer." You promise him. He wipes your tears off your face. Then he kisses your forehead. You stand up, say "I love you, Josh." and walk off.
  10. You walk, and just keep walking. You're having a really horrible day, because everyone is so sad that you're leaving, including you. You walk past a diner, but then you go back, because you realize you saw Tyler sitting on the bench outside. You walk over to him "Hey, Tyler." you say. He looks at you and says "Just the girl I've been thinking about all day.." You two hug. You say, "I'm gonna miss you, Tyler. You're a really great guy." He says, "Yeah, I'm gonna miss you too, _____. A lot. I'll text you every day... unless you don't want me to." "I do," you say.
  11. You walk away from Tyler, and go to Jimmy's house. You figure he'll be there, playing video games. You knock on the door, and he opens it. He's wearing Superman pajama pants and a stained white tee shirt. His hair isn't its usual neat self. It's kinda messy. He says "Oh.. ______... I didn't want you to see me like this." You hug him and say "Jimmy, you look great, as always." He invites you in, so you two sit on his couch. You can see that Mario Kart is paused on his TV. "So, uh... the reason I'm not dressed... I didn't plan on seeing you today. I was just gonna wait till tomorrow.. cuz I thought I'd cry." You frown and say "Don't cry. I'll be back next summer, Jimmy." He says "That's a pretty long time." You two talk for several minutes, and then you leave. It's almost time for dinner. You still have to pack your bags.
  12. You go home that night, and have dinner with Aunt Lisa. Then you pack up your bags, shower, and lay in bed, sad. Finally, you fall asleep.
  13. The next morning, you wake up, get dressed, etc. When you walk downstairs, the doorbell rings. It's Adam, Jayson, Josh, Tyler, and Jimmy! Adam says "We were wondering if we could ride with you to the airport.." Aunt Lisa said it was fine! Yay!
  14. In the car, everyone talks about how much they'll miss you, but they keep the vibes happy, since it's your very last day.
  15. When you get to the airport, everybody gets out of the car. They each say a really sweet, personal goodbye and hug you. They all have tears in their eyes. Since this is the last chance you'll have for almost a year, you know you need to kiss the guy you truly love. Who will it be?
  16. Thank you so much for taking this series! I love you!! I am planning on making the follow up series (maybe it'll take place at Aunt Lisa's ;)) but I'm not sure when I'm gonna start that. But thank you sooo much!!

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