Love Story part 1

Ok are you ready for fantasy love take this quiz!!!!!! You will see if you love one of the four boys!!! Thanks for inspiration from LA Summer Love Story series you guys should try it!!!

Thanks for taking my quiz and look for part two sorry about that in the last question I for got I could do this paragraph at the end well I hope You like it

Created by: HorseLover101

  1. Okay, so you just moved into a house that's right by the beach!!! And guess what's on the beach? Cute boys!!!!! Your mom has just gotten married to a guy named Larry and he lives in a house on the beach. So now you have an older stepsister named Lila and she wants you to meet some of her friends but first, what is your favorite sport?
  2. Okay so Lila takes you out to the beach and introduces you to some of her guy friends! Jake, Ryan, Scott, and Andy! Jake has dark brown eyes that look like chocolate, dark tan skin, that cute Justin Beiber hair and he loves baseball!!!
  3. Ryan has dark blue eyes, shaggy black hair, he's very pale, and he loves soccer!!!
  4. Scott has light green eyes, short blonde hair an he lives football!!!
  5. Andy has brown eyes, light blonde hair, semi tan skin, he loves music, and the best thing of all... HE IS RICH!!!!!!!
  6. Andy nods his head at you in a kind of watsup way. How do you respond?
  7. Scott looks looks kind of shy so you offer him your hand and say hi my name is (your name) he shakes your hand and whispers hi I'm scott. So you decide to try Jake. You turn to him and hold out your hand he shakes it and he says sup I'm Jake. Then you turn to Ryan and hold out your hand he shakes it and says hi I'm Ryan. Then you turn to Andy and hold your hand out. He says gosh I already nodded at you! You quickly yank your hand back. Which is for you so far?
  8. Ryan steps closer to you and says "You want me to show you around?" you say yes and you to walk off and your sister grabs jakes hand and they go off to the side and start kissing. Ryan's says "Hey I'm sorry about Andy he is kinda rude." How do you respond?
  9. Ryan shows you around and then you go home. Your sister is sitting on the couch texting. You walk over and she sets down her phone. "So what do you think about Ryan?" She asks "I think he likes you." How do you respond?
  10. "So..." you say "You're dating Jake?" you ask "Of Course!" she says " He is SOOO cute!!!" What do you do?
  11. You hear a knock on the door and you go answer it its Scott and he says "Hey sorry I didn't say much earlier but I don't know I guess I'm shy" You say "Oh it's fine" he asks if you wanna take a walk on the beach and you go and learn a lot about him and how he is on the footba team you go back to your house and unpack your stuff and go to bed you can't stop thinking about? Thanks for taking part 1 look for part 2 soon

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