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This is the first quiz to a series of quizzes I will be making. Each quiz will be left with a cliff hanger, and you'll have to wait for the next part to come out. Here's the situation, 5 boys all like you, and after 1 month of being in a house with all of them, you must pick one. Sounds fun right? Well, it gets complicated

See, they're not the only guys who like you. Because let's face it, you're a hottie! :) But here's the five guys... Oliver, Kemper, Zac, Matt, and Jake. Oliver is from Germany, is athletic and smart. Kemper is tall, tan, and oh so fine! Zac is cute, intelligent, and plays the french horn. Matt is hot, a football player, and is also a top honors student. Jake is almost too smart, adorable, and a total sweetie. Anyone of these guys could be the one, but which one will it be?

Created by: rebekahgilman

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  1. (read the description first) It's the first day at the mansion. You wake up and head downstairs for breakfast and are greeted by the five boys. They're all eating something different. Oliver is eating pancakes in a hoodie and shorts. Kemper is just wearing boxers, and is eating eggs and bacon. Zac is already dressed in jeans and a t-shirt eating cereal. Matt is wearing plaid pajamma bottoms and a tank top eating toast. And Jake is wearing a hoodie and sweets, eating french toast while reading the newspaper.
  2. You finish eating breakfast and Kemepr asks if you would like to play tennis with him. You agree and head upstairs to change. You slip on a cute little number, a white tank top with a pink addias sign, and a pink skort. You pull your hair up into a ponytail and tie a ribbon in it. You lace up your tennis shoes and grab your raquet. You are walking down the hall when Oliver asks if he can talk to you real quick.
  3. He pulls you into a room, and closes the door. "I just wanted to be the first to do this" he leans in towards you and kisses you. Your head feels light, you feel sparks all the way to your feet, and your lips are trembling. He pulls away and gives you another quick peck on the check. "Have fun kicking Kemper's butt" he winks at you and leaves
  4. You waltz down to the tennis court where Kemper is awaiting you. He smiles when you walk on to the court, and whistles. "Wow, you look finnnnne!!!" he says
  5. You two play the tennis match, and you're pretty sure Kemper let you win. Actually, you're positive he did because he is one of the top players in your state! You walk to the net to shake his hand, and say good game like you always do. You meet him at the net, but instead of shaking your hand he pulls you closer, and kisses you softly.
  6. You walk back into the house, Kemper holding your hand. He kisses you on the check, then heads upstairs to take a shower. You put your things away, and you're about to go upstairs when Matt stops you. He asks if you would like lunch, and you tell him you'll be down in a minute after you take a quick shower. After your shower you slip on your favorite jeans, and a baby doll t-shirt. You head downstairs, and Matt has lunch waiting for you. He made your favorite lunch (whatever that may be) and you two are talking. He clears the table, and you go to the kitchen to help him wash dishes. You're washes dishes when he takes the water hose thingy and squirts you playfully. You scream and squirt him back with yours. Soon, it's a full out water fight, and you two are laughing and having a blast! You end up slipping and falling though! You're laughin so hard, you swear you're going to pee yourself! He sits down next to you laughing still, and you two are soaking wet! (Haha, not from your pee, lol) He brushes some hair away from your face, then pulls your face towards his, and slowly he kisses you. Gently at first, then you two are completly making out on the kitchen floor!
  7. You have no idea how long you have been kissing Matt, but the next thing you know Jake walks in and starts laughing! "Why are you two drenched? And on the floor? And sucking face?"
  8. You and Matt stand up. "________, would you like to go on a walk with me?" You nod, and say you'll dry off first. You give Matt a hug, and head up to your bedroom. You dry off and put on a cute pair of brown shorts, a pink t-shirt, and wear you're hair down. You're walking down the hall when you hear someone playing an instrument. You follow the noise and enter Zac's room to find him practicing the french horn. You walk in and he smiles.
  9. You sit down on Zac's bed, right beside him and ask him to play you something. He plays the solo he has for his school's band. You applaud him when he's done and he is blushing. He asks what you've been up to all day while he puts his french horn away. You just tell him you've been around the house, and he sits back down next to you. "You look really pretty right now," he says. You smile and look down. When you look back up, your gaze meets his gaze and he kisses you. Let's just say, his french horn is very lucky, because this guy can KISS like there's no tomorrow!
  10. Zac kisses you for about a minute, then slowly stops. He gives you a hug, and you leave to go find Jake. You meet Jake at the door and the two of you walk around the neighborhood a few times holding hands. You're talking about pretty much anything. You find out he wants to be like Abraham Lincoln when he grows up because of Abe's 'fancy greatness', he likes most types of music, and his favorite food is shirmp. He shows you a park, and you two sit on the park bench. He puts his arm around you and pulls you closer. You're the only two in the park, and it seems like the world as well. He kisses your forehead, and you look up at him. He kisses you, really, really kisses you.
  11. You leave the park feeling carefree, and smiling like a fool. You two are walking back to the house, when a strange man jumps in front of you... and...
  12. Look out for part 2. Who do you love?

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