If You Follow a Rabbit Part 2

Hello! If you actually remember this series I'm surprised. I'm really sorry this is late, my parents took away my laptop for a month! Ugh! Anyway Like last time, Hello! This is my new quiz that I hope all of you will like. The beginning is a little boring at first but you need an explanation for everything!!!!

I don't want to be making a quiz that isn't worth it because these quizzes take a long time, so please rate and comment what you think so I can decide how many to make!

Created by: KissmeI'mIrish!
  1. When I woke up, I forgot where I was for a second. Then I realized, oh yeah I'm in a parallel universe! I checked the clock and apparently it was around 3ish. I didn't care. How am I supposed to get back to sleep? Answer: I won't. I nosed about for a towel and soap so I could take a shower. While I was in the shower, I tried to take everything in. I was temporarily staying at a hotel, which Cedric called, The Rabbit Hole, which was in a world of shape-shifters. Wow, alot has happened in the last 48 hours.
  2. After my shower, I remembered I had no clothes to wear besides the ones that I came in, were dirty, and the pajamas a maid gave me. I sighed and dialed room service, even though you usually ask for food, I decided to give it a shot. A lady on the other end said, "Room service, how can I help you?" "Uhh, yes hello this is room 114, I don't have any clothes. Could I maybe order some?". As I said the last sentence I felt myself blush. What a stupid question! "Cedric checked you in right?" "That's right." "Oh," the lady laughed, "Our hotel automatically has a group of tailors make each guest clothes if they don't have any, it's our policy." "Huh? How do they know what size I am? The tailors I mean?" "Oh, the clothes will fit eventually." "Okay?" "Check your dresser and you should find some clothes okay?" "Okay," I said, still confused how strangers could make clothes to fit me.
  3. I looked in my dresser and found all sorts of clothing, that were to my taste! I couldn't decide what to wear, but I managed to settle on a pink floral top and some cute skinny jeans. After I was dressed, I poked around for perhaps a hairdryer and straightener. I wasn't surprised to find them on a vanity table next to make-up kit. Make-up! This hotel has everything, I thought. When I was finally, presentable again I glanced at the clock. 7:00! What is this fairy land? The time flies fast enough! Just then, there was a knock on the door.
  4. I opened the door and sure enough, there was a tall guy there who was gorgeous! "How's your head?" he asked. I must have looked confused because he laughed and said,"I'm Cedric." Oh my gosh, he was better than cute! I'm not going to describe him, I'll leave that to you so you can make your own dream guy. "Uh..I...uhh," I stuttered, speechless. I couldn't believe he was this cute! In my normal world, guys were never this cute. My normal world. Ugh! I had been too tired to be homesick before, but now it was catching up with me. I groaned at the thought of how worried my family and friends must be about me. "You miss your old world," Cedric said. "Are you mind-reader?" Cedric laughed again, darn his cute laugh. "Something like that," he said,"why don't we get some breakfast? My sister is dying to meet you!" I murmured something in aggreement.
  5. I followed Cedric out of the building and we waited at the bus stop. "Where are we going," I asked. "POHI," he replied. "POHI?" "Pancakes Of High Illilin." "Okay." We got on the bus and took a seat. Also on the bus were very interesting looking people. One girl had blue hair and gold skin, a boy had tattooed wrists and a powder white face. Many of the people looked supernatural which disturbed me immensely. "Uhh, Cedric," I began motioning towards the powdered boy. "What? Oh," he laughed again, "There's a costume contest today."
  6. "Oh," I sighed in relief. Physically altered people always kind of wacked me out. After a few minutes, sure enough, a sign that said POHI came into view. "This is our stop," Cedric said. He payed the bus driver and we got off. A girl with brown curly hair and rosy skin squealed and ran over to us. "Cedric," she called as she was running. I couldn't help but feel jealous, she was a gorgeous Irish girl that Cedric would really like, unlike me. Even though I was mostly Irish too. "Anairir!" he said, "Oh sorry, this is my sister Anairir." "Hello," the girl smiled. I was jealous of his sister?! I really have to not jump to conclusions. "Hi," I said.
  7. After breakfast, me, Cedric, and Anairir went for a little walk in the park to burn off our breakfast. "So Cedric," I began, "do you have any other family?" "Oh yes, I have two brothers, Lagan and Lain, and my mother." I assumed this meant his dad died or left them but I hardly knew Anairir and Cedric so I butted out. "What about you?" Anairir asked. "Oh me? I have a sister named Harmony and my mom and dad." Cedric and Anairir exchanged a look and Cedric said, " Harmony? That's an odd name." I chuckled to myself and though, and Anairir and Lagan aren't? "So," Anairir began," we're going to a party later, want to come?" "Sure," I said. "Great," Cedric grinned, "I guess we'll see you later then. You can explore High Illilin for now, I don't know how long you'll be staying with us, but he hotel won't keep you for free for very long. You can live with us and go to Illilin High school with us. You can pretty much walk everywhere."
  8. "But what if I get lost?" I asked. "Don't worry," Anairir said, "all of Illilin is nice so pretty much anyone will give you a directions or a ride somewhere and won't have to worry about them being bad. Plus, there are bus stops everywhere." "Okay," I said. "Bye!" they said. "Bye" I replied.
  9. Hope you enjoyed part 2 of If you Follow a Rabbit!
  10. Same as last time, I'm only making a part 3 if you ask for it and rate it high!

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