Love in action part 1

Please comment it is my first quiz thank you should i write part two it is up to u! Althea and coler bear motivated me to write this quiz through their own quizzes i hope they take it

I hope you will enjoy ht even though the cliff hanger is lame dont forget to rate and comment. ALTHEA,REMMY COLERBEAR AND THE PERSON THAT WROTE IMMORTAL BLOOD AND ANOTHER CRAZY ADVENTURE PLEASE TAKE MY QUIZ

Created by: alexandra331

  1. Your name is peace and you have black hair and brown eyes
  2. You are in school and suddenly you get a head ache that hurts so bad its like your head is about to burst! What do you do?
  3. After a while the headache subsides and a blonde guy with blue eyes says did you just have a terrible headache?
  4. You say yes and he says is this the 1st time?
  5. You say no and he shouts oh no! How many times have you felt this way?
  6. You say 6 and he nearly screams you are offage and they have found out you have to come with me!
  7. You want to refuse and then suddenly two guys pop out of no where and start breaking stuff 'where is the nature queen? Bring her to us! Everyone start screaming and runing away they sight you and start comming towards you and the blonde guy stands in front of you and says you will not touch the nature queen!
  8. Really the guys say yeah the blond guy replies you are gonna have to pass through me 1st. We accept the challange they say, good he replies and they throw fire at him from their hands you scream, he dodges it and picks you up and flies. me: yeah he can fly. he puts you on the roof he waves his hand 3 times and thunder and stones are seen in the sky and then he brings his hand down with force and the thunder hits the two will you come with me?he asks
  9. Yes you say good he replies he takes you to his house where you meet jude a guy with adorable green eyes and black eyes and you ask what just happened
  10. I want an explanation now! You say okay first of all am alex your saviour says and every five hundred years a queen is born a queen of nature and it is up to us anofias to protect her and teach her how to control her powers and you are d nature queen ever since you were a kid we have watched over you and not you are offage so its time for you to learn how to control them
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Sori but it has to end here so pleas rate and comment if i should continue your comment will tell me if i should make part 2 so who do u like so far?

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