the girl with the glowing green eyes part 1

Imagine just walking down the street from school, and suddenly a group of boys drags you to a camp where you must learn to control a power. This happened to starr. Only she found out she has more power than she thinks.

Whether your aerokinetic, pyrokinetic, hydrokinetic or anything else. You will love the story of starr. Full of romance, action, suspense, and mystery. You will love it.

Created by: princess of the wind

  1. My name is Starr. I have green eyes that glow when i am out of control over my ability. I am aerokinetic, i control air. I have a few friends. They have no idea how dangerous i am.
  2. I was walking home from the last day a 6 grade at school. Then a couple of boys walked up to me.
  3. A blonde haired blue eyed one, who was pale. I recognized him from school. His name is Dylan.
  4. The second one was Danny, a dark haired green eyed boy from my math class.
  5. The third was Jack, a brown haired brainiac with brown eyes from my science class.
  6. And the last one was one ive never seen before with jet black hair and unmercifal eyes to match.
  7. Danny spoke up "Starr, we've been looking for you. You need to come with us if you value the safty of your loved ones."
  8. What do you mean? I asked. I felt my hands numbing, a sign my powers were activated. My hands went orange, the wind went wild. Jack grabbed my wrist and looked me in the eyes. We dont have much time, please come with us. He said
  9. I called my mom and said i was at a friends house. They dragged me into the woods, and i saw 2 cabins, and one huge cabin. They took me inside the big one where like 50 kids were sitting and eating.
  10. When i walked in, they all got big eyed. Girls wispered, guys stared. "Starrlanna" some said. "Its the wind-rider." Said others. Danny pointed to the man at the front of the room. " mr. Elm." Elm said to me...
  11. Starrlanna, we have been waiting for you for a long time. Weare in danger. The shadowers and the mortal assembly are after you. You are the wind-rider, you possess more power than you think. How did you know. I asked. We each have a unique ability here. I can read read minds, you are aerokinetic, dylan can hypnotize people. Danny can become invisible, jack has telekinesis, and zayne is a pyrokinetic, he controls fire.
  12. Danny will show you around, luna will be your mentor, and if you want your friends and family unharmed you will remain here. I followed danny around. Then i went home with a fake summer camp form, got it signed, then the boys took me back to camp.
  13. I met luna, a mermaid(when wet) who knew aerokinesis. She trained me. Jack tutored me in the mythical world we were living in. Zayne showed me his pyrokinesis, dylan introduced me to everyone, but out of all of them, i really liked Danny, who became my best friend and i eventually started to get a crush on him.
  14. One day after training danny took my to the lake nearby to watch the sunset. He said "you know starr, ive always liked you. I used to watch you and never talked to you, and now your my best friend. And i know your the wind-rider, but i really...(yes i said) wanna show you something.
  15. He took my hand. Then went invisible and so did i. It felt magical. Starr, he said making us visable but still holding my hand. Yes danny i said. Wanna hangout here tomorrow. Of course. He walked me to my cabin and i dreamed bout him that night.
  16. The next day when me and Danny were hanging out, we heard the emergency horn sound. We went to mess hall with the other campers and everyone looked at me.
  17. Starrlanna, its time you must learn. Long ago, their was a war between humans and us paranormals. The war never stopped. We were forced to hide so humans stopped believing we exist. Then we split into the paranormals(good) and the shadowers(evil) you are a highly powerful being supposed to destoy the evil ones. I sent the boys to protect you. They(shadowers) want to destroy you. You are the only one who can save us.
  18. I was told the battle will start soon, i was given a suit. Danny found me by the lak."i knew you'd be here. He took my hand. "Starr, no matters what happens out there, i want you to know that i will be by your side the whole time. And if we make it through this i want to talk about... us.
  19. We waited for the shadowers. Finally they came. I knew what to do. And i wasn't afraid, ive been here 2 months and i have motives. 1 one, it is my destiny. 2 one, the boy i love is coming to fight beside me. And 3, the worlds future is depending on me to win in Gods name. To be continued

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