Pick Your Poison - Part 4

Okay, so this is part 4 of my quiz series, Pick Your Poison. In this part, you find out about the girl you saw in the picture upstairs, and what happened to her.

Blake: Strong vampire with startling blue eyes and black hair. Ryan: A tall blonde angel with deep brown eyes. Johnny: Werewolf, green eyes and brown hair. Garrett: Smart elf with brown eyes and reddish hair.

Created by: PokeFan

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  1. ***RE-CAP*** Okay, so, last quiz you were wandering the house at night, and you came across a spiral staircase. You went upstairs, and found a bedroom. You were just examining a picture of a girl when you heard a noise behind you.
  2. You reach the top of the stairs and look around, at the end of the hall is a door. Will you go in it? (Yes, you will.) You walk down the hallway and open the door. It creaks open and a few cobwebs float down from the frame. You brush them away and walk inside. You are apparently in a bedroom, one that hasn't been used in a long time. You walk over to the night stand by a bed and see a picture of a girl, about 18 or so. She's very pretty and looks happy. You are just starting to wonder who it is when you.. HEAR A CREEPY NOISE BEHIND YOU!?!?!?!?! xD
  3. You spin around quickly to face the noise and almost drop the picture you are holding. You are looking at a misty figure standing in the empty doorway. You gasp and look at the figure then back at the picture... it's the girl in the photo! She comes towards you and you can hear the ghost faintly whisper, "Hello... my name is Jessica... this is my old home..." You back up against the wall as the girl comes closer, and think about screaming for the guys.
  4. The girl continues, "Please... do not scream, I would not want you to awaken the others..." You shut your mouth, not knowing if she meant the guys or some more creepy monster things, and you figure you might as well not find out. "This is my old home. I lived here long ago, and I was 18... I was very happy, as you can see," she says, nodding toward the picture you're holding. "I was happy.. until Jeremiah came, at least."
  5. You finally find your voice and stutter, "W-who's J-Jeremiah?" Jessica smiles sweetly, "Jeremiah was once my friend. He helped me figure out who I was... but then he turned on me. He wanted my powers, because I had powers... just like you." You nod silently and she continues, "I trusted him, and he killed me. Killed me and took my powers, he did. I need your help. I need to find him. I need my revenge." With that, Jessica's ghost floats at you quickly, and you black out.
  6. You wake up on a couch downstairs with Blake and Ryan covering over you. "Oh, she's awake!" Ryan exclaimed. Blake quickly walks back over to you and grabs your hand, "_________ are you okay?!" he says worriedly. You sit up and look around the room and see Garrett and Johnny sitting in chairs near you as well. "W-what happened?" you ask. Garrett speaks up, "We found you upstairs in the old bedroom... you were clutching a picture of this girl.." he says, holding up Jessica's photo. "That's her!!" you shriek and scramble backwards.
  7. "Who?" Johnny asks, standing up. "Jessica... she.. she..." you gasp and collapse back into the couch. The guys rush over and Blake picks you up and holds you. "______? What's wrong?" Suddenly, you lose control and Jessica speaks from your body. "This is not _______, this is Jessica, the girl from the photo. I have taken over _________'s body because I need help. From all of you." Blake drops Jessica/you back onto the couch and flashes his fangs. "You leave her alone!!!"
  8. Jessica/You hisses and you gasp, having 100% of your body returned. You close your eyes and shake for a moment before Ryan grabs your hand. "________... is that you?" he asks. "Yes," you say. Ryan smiles and gives you a huge hug, and recieves 3 diapproving glances from the other guys. "You had us worried for a minute."
  9. You nod and continue, "Jessica said that she needed help finding a boy named Jeremiah. She said that he killed her a lo-" you stop short as the guys react violently as one. Blake's fangs slide out, Garrett's ears and eyes grow extra sharp and pointy, Johnny's eyes turn a wolfy golden color, and Ryan's back sprouts razor-sharp wings.
  10. So, not much of a cliff hanger this go round, sorry if this one sucked, I'm really tired. :P Comment suggestions.

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