Pick Your Poison - Part 1

Hey y'all! I've seen a bunch of these story things, and have taken most all of them, so I figured I'd start my own series of them! Hope you enjoy!! :D

Blake: black hair, startling blue eyes. Medium height. Ryan: blonde hair, deep brown eyes. Taller than average. Johnny: brown hair, green eyes. Medium height. Garrett: red hair, brown eyes. Shorter than average.

Created by: PokeFan
  1. You wave bye to your best friend as she gets in her car. You smile and turn and start walking home. After shopping all day at the mall, you're wiped out. Lugging home your new wardrobe, you listen to music on your new iPhone 4S. What are you listening to?
  2. When the song ends, you lift your phone up to choose another, but in the pause, you hear a noise. It sounds like... growling? You quickly turn to your right, where the sound was coming from, and see 2 glowing eyes, peering out from a bush. You squeak and back up hastily, tripping over your other foot and falling off the curb, knocking yourself out cold on the pavement.
  3. You drowsily wake up, expecting to see nothing, expecting to be dead. But... you're not. Your eyesight flickers, trying to focus on what you're seeing. Apparently, you had only been out for a few minutes, because you're still sitting in the road. You push yourself up on one arm, looking back at the bushes. Instead of seeing the eyes, you see a guy. He's got black hair, cut emo-style, and he's wearing dark clothes. You can't see his face at the moment, but as your shaking your head, telling yourself your crazy, he turns. He has ice blue eyes, startling and wide. His mouth has a drizzle of dark liquid dripping out, but before you can figure out what it is, you feel dizzy and pass back out.
  4. You wake up to the sound of whispering. You lay still a moment, listening to what the voices are saying. It sounds like guys... yes, 2 of them. One stops talking and says "She's awake." You open your eyes slowly, squinting as they adjust to the light. You see one guy leaning over you, his deep, brown eyes looking worried. You see relief flash through them as you wake up. Then, the voice speaks again, and you see who it belongs to. To the left, another guy leans against the wall, also with brown eyes, but his are slightly pointed at the ends. His red hair lightly brushes the tops of his eyebrows as he talks. "Hey, _________ good morning," he says with a smirk. He shrugs and says "All yours, Ryan." And then leaves the room.
  5. The guy Red-Hair called Ryan watches him walk out and then turns back to you. Smiling, he stands up from his chair and says "Morning, Sleeping Beauty." He must see the confused look in your eyes, because he sighs. "Well... where should I start?" he asked. "_________, you are special. I know your parents tell you you're special, but this is different. You have powers, _______," Ryan says. "But... I... no I don't..." you manage to stutter out. Ryan blinks and continues, "You have the power to help. ________, you have the power of healing, along with other things we don't yet know of." "Healing..?" you ask. "Yes, healing," Ryan says, "did you ever notice that when you grew plants in grade school, yours did especially well? That's because you healed it, even if you didn't know it." Ryan stops talking and turns away.
  6. Ryan took a moment to brush his blonde hair back from his eyes and then turned back around. "Bottom line is, there is some really bad people and... things...," Ryan paused a minute, his lips forming a grim frown, "that are after YOU. I know you don't believe me, but what tried to get you last night wasn't a dog, ________, and you... you have to believe that." You nod slowly, accepting what he was saying. "Okay... okay," you say, "I'll help you guys but... I need some food!!" Ryan laughed, a beautiful, singing sound. "Come on," he said, "let's go downstairs."
  7. You sit up and swing your feet off the bed. Ryan helps you up and stables you went your knees wiggle. You blush and grin sheepishly at him. He just shakes his head, smirks, and guides you downstairs. You see Black-Hair guy pacing around in the living room. Red-Hair guy is sitting at the kitchen table, reading. Ryan goes over to the table and says, "Blake, stop pacing around like that, you look like a lost puppy." Black-Hair guy, Blake, looks up and smiles at you, flashing dazzling white teeth... or... fangs? "Good, your awake, ________," he said.
  8. You blush and say "Uh.. yeah, I am." Blake laughs, a little dark, but still happy. Red-Hair guy looks up from his book with a disapproving glance, and Ryan says, "Oh lighten up, Garrett, and get your nose out of that book! We have company!" You wring your hands, feeling a little awkward, and then you smell... pancakes!!! " Pancakes!!" you exclaim and rush past the table to run into the kitchen and, run so fast, you hit some..one! "Oof!" the person said, a guy. "Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry!" you exclaim and stumble backwards. In front of you, a guy with forest green eyes and dark brown hair that curves over his eyes is catching his breathe. "I... I didn't mean to run into you," you say, blushing. Brown-Hair guy shakes his head and waves the spatula he is holding. "Don't worry about it," he said laughing, his voice like a flowing river, "my fault for not having the food ready fast enough!"
  9. You all sit down at the table, and River Boy brings out the food. "Thanks, Johnny," Garrett says to him. There are pancakes, eggs, cereal, waffles, and pretty much anything you could want. You dig in, and so does everyone else, except for Blake. What do you eat?
  10. While you're eating whatever you chose, the front door is suddenly busted open, along with an upstairs window. From the door fly in 5 black things that look like they were half cat, half bat. Upstairs, more footsteps can be heard, but before you can do anything, one of the cat-bats jumps at Ryan, clinging to his leg as another pins down his arm. Blake shouts and grabs the empty plate in front of him, and bashes it over the head of the thing on Ryan's arm. You turn around and...
  11. ~~~~~CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!~~~~~~

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Quiz topic: Pick my Poison - Part 1