Poison-Berry Lane Mysteries #2: the Missing Diamond

In part 2, meet the suspects! Investigate further into the mystery of the stolen diamond! Who will it be? The wife, the maid, the owner, or the butler?

So use your noggin to figure this one out! If you haven't taken number one, go back and take it...

Created by: S

  1. Standing in the twins living-room, your not sure what to do now. So you ask-
  2. "Okay, so we've lined up the clues. What we need to do is examine them." Tobias says, "If we can get a solid lead, then we'll be able to see who stole the diamond." "We'll lay out the evidence, you tell us what you think." Eliza says.
  3. "The diamond was in a glass case. The thief used a glass cutter to get the diamond out." Tobias says,
  4. "However, the glass cut piece fell and shattered, it woke up the owner. The diamond was quickly swapped." Eliza tells you. You respond with-
  5. "We were kind of wondering why the thief would bother to swap, after he made such a mess. It was obvious he had stolen the diamond." Tobias explained, "So what do you think?"
  6. "There was only three people who were able to steal the diamond. The first was the butler, then the wife, and lastly the maid." Eliza says.
  7. "I want to learn more about each figure." You say "The butler was a regular under-payed butler. He has worked for Mr. and Ms. Williams for about twenty years, he seemingly isn't the stealing type." Eliza explains.
  8. "The wife, Ms. Williams, is a woman who gets little attention payed to her. We think she might have committed the crime to grab her husband's attention." Tobias states,
  9. "The maid had opportunity and reason. She always hated being a maid and wants to go to a pricey college. She never liked her boss, or his wife, although she has worked at their house for eight years." Eliza says. You respond with-
  10. "What about Mr. Williams?" You ask, "Mr. Williams is a reclusive millionaire. He has never been well known, and prefers to stay in his library reading mysteries. He has often been heard stating life is boring, and that is why he prefers to read over real life." Eliza tells you.
  11. "So who do you currently suspect?" Tobias asks you.

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