Who's your godly parent

Some people know their lives are mysteries, but some people don't. Find the possible answer to most mysteries of your life! Unusual things happen? Missing a parent? To learn more, read the Percy Jackson series!!!

Mysteries everywhere? Haven't had a sign from your godly parent? Answers in here? Take your personality and change it into the possible answer to all mysteries.

Created by: Kaylee

  1. Fav color?
  2. On you're spare time...?
  3. You're best at...?
  4. Your preferred weapon
  5. If you had special powers, what would it be
  6. What's your favorite book
  7. What's your favorite book
  8. What's your favorite book
  9. You're favorite animal?
  10. Fav food or drink?

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Quiz topic: Who's my godly parent